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Friday, Sept. 28, 2018
  • ABLE Approved Training
  • FMCSA Streamlines Process
  • EPA Creates Website
  • 2018 OCC Requirements
  • Federated Insurance Educational Articles
The Oklahoma Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association is excited to announce that an ABLE Commission approved training course for Alcohol and Tobacco sales is now available!

This course will prepare all employees to sell singe-strength beer and wine, and tobacco to customers, meeting standards set forth by ABLE. The new online training service is free and available to all Association members.

The link to the ABLE Training is: http://www.ok-able-traning.com/
  • Username - OPMCA
  • Password - AbleCompliance2018

Once the training course is completed by an employee, the following steps will need to be done:
  • Type in the name as presented on ABLE license application (the certificate will self-date)
  • Once filled out, print the certificate
  • An employee's supervisor MUST sign the certificate for verification purposes
  • A copy of the signed training certificate MUST be filed at the location(s) the employee works at along with the ABLE issued license

As the laws are currently written, before October 1, 2018 an employee can receive a license without completion of a training program. However, on or after October 1, 2018, all new employees and any employee who has had a license expire will need to apply for a new license from the ABLE Commission; the employee will receive a temporary 30-day license before their permanent license is issued. Once the temporary license is obtained, they will have 14 days to complete an approved training program authorized by the ABLE Commission and receive proof of completion.
FMCSA Streamlines Process Allowing Individuals with Properly Managed Diabetes to Operate Commercial Motor Vehicle

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) last week announced a final rule revising federal regulations permitting individuals with a stable insulin regimen and properly controlled insulin-treated diabetes to be qualified to operate commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) in interstate commerce. This rule is important to petroleum marketers because it eliminates the annual administrative and cost burdens the exemption application process places on drivers. Instead, the rule enables a certified medical examiner (ME) to grant a CDL driver with diabetes a “Medical Examiner’s Certificate” for up to 12 months. The driver’s treating physician provides a diabetes assessment form to the certified ME indicating that the individual maintains a stable insulin regimen and proper control of his or her diabetes. The certified ME is then responsible for determining if the individual meets FMCSA’s physical qualification standards and can operate CMVs in interstate commerce.

The final rule will eliminate the exemption program that currently requires individuals with diabetes to incur recurring costs to renew and maintain their exemptions. The FMCSA estimates
this will save the nearly 5,000 drivers with diabetes that currently have exemptions more than $5 million per year. The final rule will also save new diabetes exemption applicants and their employers approximately $215,000 annually in opportunity and compliance costs related with the exemption program’s waiting period. 

A copy of the final rule announced is available here .

Click on this link to learn more about FMCSA’s Medical Program Division.

Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) launched a website dedicated to tracking small refinery Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) exemptions. The website lists the number of small refiners applying for, receiving, and being denied RFS exemptions, however, the names of the companies will not be listed. Additionally, in order to prevent market manipulation, the EPA will publish updates on information at the same time a company learns it has received an exemption. Furthermore, the website will publish monthly information on the trading of Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) and the weekly average prices of RINs. 

The launch of the new website comes in response to EPA Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler promising the U.S. Senate in a hearing that he would increase the transparency of the RFS program. In a statement, Wheeler stated, “Increasing transparency will improve implementation of the RFS and provide stakeholders and the regulated community the certainty and clarity they need to make important business and compliance decisions.

October 13, 2018 is the deadline for new operation and maintenance requirements for owners and operators of underground storage tank systems for inspections of overfill prevention equipment, spill prevention equipment testing, containment sump testing, testing of release detection equipment, and walkthrough inspections. OCC has posted an information sheet and forms you can download at no cost from their website. Please note that some of these requirements begin October 13, 2018, but some must have the first inspection and/or test conducted by October 13, 2018. For complete information and to download the free forms go to the Classes, Forms and Guidance tab on the Petroleum Storage Tank Division's webpage at www.occeweb.com and click on the Compliance link.
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