A review of Omaha Public Schools Board of Education meetings.

Feb. 23, 2023

Following each Board of Education meeting, the Office of District Communications recaps the board meeting in the Board Digest.

 Board of Education Consent Agenda

Consent Agenda Items

Consent agenda items are packaged into one agenda item. They are often routine and garner very little discussion.

The consent agenda items were:

  • Staff Adjustments
  • Approval of Amendment No. 002 with Diamond Assets LLC for Disposal of Apple Products from February 2023 to November 2023
  • Approval of Change Order No. 001 for Adams Elementary School: Capital Improvements & Renovation Project – 2018 Bond Program - (Deduct $38,335.88) Revised Total: $1,779,183.12
  • Approval of Change Order No. 003 for Pine Elementary School – 2018 Bond Program - (Deduct $20,579.08) Revised Total: $16,251,397.07
  • Approval of Consulting Services Agreement with American Alliance for Innovative Systems to Support North High School ($73,600.00) 
  • Approval of Contracts Awarded to Sirius Computer Solutions, LLC. for Network Switches and Wireless Access Points from July 2023 through June 2024 ($1,890,374.48)
  • Approval of First Amendment to the Contract with American Security, LLC ($71,464.19)
  • Approval of the Memorandum of Understanding with Service Employees International Union Local 226 Relating to Contracting Out of Level 3 Special Education Transportation
  • Approval of the Proposed Master Agreement with the Omaha Education Association for the 2023-2024, 2024-2025, and 2025-2026 School Years

View the entire consent agenda.

Board of Education Action Items

Approval of the Report of the Legislative Committee Including Recommended Legislative Positions

The Board Legislative Committee updated the Board regarding where bills are currently in the Nebraska Legislature.

The committee provided recommendations for bills based on their potential impact on Omaha Public Schools. The Board approved the recommended positions.


The Board Legislative Committee will continue to monitor bills and will review any adjustments. As adjustments to bills are made, the Omaha Public Schools position may also change.

Board of Education Information Items

Board of Education Selects Deputy Superintendent Mr. Matthew Ray as Interim Superintendent, Pending Contract Negotiations and Approval

At its Wednesday, Feb. 22 meeting, the Omaha Public Schools Board of Education announced plans to select Deputy Superintendent Mr. Matthew Ray as interim superintendent. The official appointment is pending negotiations and Board approval of a contract with Mr. Ray, anticipated in March 2023.

In December 2022, Superintendent Cheryl Logan, Ed.D., announced that the 2022-23 school year would be her last in Omaha. In her letter to staff and families, Dr. Logan committed to a strong finish through June 2023.

“We are grateful for Dr. Logan’s service and her support for a strong transition,” said Board of Education President Spencer Head. “We are very happy to work with Mr. Ray in this new role. He has devoted his entire career to the students, staff and families of Omaha Public Schools. Mr. Ray is uniquely qualified to lead through this time, following the roadmap in our Strategic Plan of Action.”

In a letter to staff and families, President Head and Vice President Ricky Smith outlined Board considerations for interim leadership during a comprehensive superintendent search. Omaha Public Schools is Nebraska’s largest school district and one of the largest employers in our state. “We owe it our 52,000 students, 9,000 full and part-time staff and the greater Omaha community to lead a comprehensive superintendent search and get it right,” they wrote. Members determined that work cannot be paused for a transition during such a critical time for Omaha Public Schools. It is essential to keep moving forward for the success of our students and staff.

“Omaha Public Schools offers unmatched opportunities for students. I’ve seen it as a career-long staff member and parent of three district graduates,” said Mr. Ray. “I’m honored and humbled to carry forward our daily service and Strategic Plan of Action. We know the work ahead of us and we’re ready.”

Mr. Ray began teaching at Ashland Park-Robbins Elementary. From there, he served in Student Community Services and oversaw districtwide implementation of a new student information system. Today, Mr. Ray leads our district as Deputy Superintendent and the Board of Education Secretary. Recently, Mr. Ray served as the interim chief officer for district Curriculum and School Improvement divisions. Both drive key strategic goals for students and staff.

Also at the meeting, the Board of Education Accountability Committee announced that six superintendent search firms submitted proposals to assist Omaha Public Schools in its comprehensive search for a permanent superintendent. Accountability Committee members are currently reviewing proposals and plan to select one firm in March 2023. Details of the search timeline and community engagement will be developed with the search firm.

The Board of Education plans to allow all qualified individuals to apply for the permanent superintendent position. Because of that, the Interim Superintendent will not be part of the working group that manages the superintendent search.

It is Omaha Public Schools’ priority to keep community members informed through the search process. We value the voices of our students, staff and families. As our Board of Education and its search firm partners plan the search timeline, look for regular updates and opportunities to engage. The latest news and information will always be posted to ops.org/superintendentsearch. Omaha Public Schools will also share updates in direct emailsInside OPS, staff newsletters, social media and news media.

Next Omaha Public Schools Board of Education Meeting

The next regularly scheduled Board Meeting is tentatively scheduled for March 6, 2023. It is tentatively scheduled to start at 6 p.m.

Board of Education Agenda

To review previous Board of Education agendas, click here. If you have trouble accessing direct links, please access the entire Board of Education Agenda to view presentations and other documents.

How Can I Watch a Previous Board of Education Meeting?

The video from the meeting will be available by Wednesday at noon following the meeting. The video can be viewed by clicking here.

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