A review of Omaha Public Schools Board of Education meetings.
Aug. 18, 2020

Following each Board of Education meeting, the Office of District Communications recaps the board meeting in the Board Digest.
Board of Education Consent Agenda
Consent Agenda Items
Consent agenda items are packaged into one agenda item. They are often routine and garner very little discussion.

The consent agenda items were:
  • Staff Adjustments
  • Administrative Appointments
  • Approval of Certificate of Substantial Completion - OPS Southroads Swing Space Improvements - Phase I
  • Approval of Design Firm Selection to Jackson-Jackson & Associates, Inc. for the 2018 Bond Program - North High Magnet and Northwest High Magnet School Capital Improvements & Renovation Project for a value of $937,966.00.
  • Approval of Educational Specification & Schematic Design for Morton Magnet Middle School Capital Improvements and Addition Project - 2018 Bond Program
  • Approval to Enter into a 3 Year Enterprise Agreement with Norlem (Palo Alto Networks) for Support and Maintenance of the District’s Computer Network
  • Approval to Purchase Supply Network Switches from Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. ($601,009.00)
  • Award Bid No. 20-075 to Various Suppliers for Generator Replacement at Belvedere, Fontenelle, and Minne Lusa Elementary Schools - ($116,251.00)
  • Award Bid No.20-076 to Downs Electric Inc. for OPS Data Center Upgrade at the TAC Building ($400,725.00)
  • Award Bid No. P050-20 to Various Suppliers for Supply Security Camera Devices and Hardware ($2,028,018.00)
  • Award a Portion of Bid No. 20-077 to Apples & More for Dry Erase Markers, Magnetic White Boards, and Storage Tubs and Reject a Portion of Bid No. 20-077 for Magnetic Letters and Numbers
  • Prime Communications Inc. to Provide Genetec Network Licensing and Support Required for New Security Cameras ($638,562.00)
  • Rejection of Bid No.’s P035-20 through P046-20 for Elevator Sump Pump Replacement and Repair at Seven (7) District Schools
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Board of Education Information Items
Preparing for a Responsible Return to School - 100% Remote Learning Instructional Model Student Schedules
The Curriculum and Instruction Support (CIS) team shared an update on the 100% Remote Learning Instructional Model. All teachers will provide clear and defined expectations for remote learning. Teachers will follow the OPS curriculum and pacing guides developed by the district.

As part of the presentation, staff shared what the day in a life of a student will look like at the elementary and secondary level, for students receiving special education services and English learners. A sample schedule for an elementary student is below.

While students have a schedule from the beginning of the school day until the end of the day, CIS emphasized that teachers will use that time to deliver live-instruction, give students time to practice their skills, as well as time to get up and move and take necessary breaks. The daily schedule will also allow for students to work remotely in small groups and give opportunities for teachers to monitor and provide feedback to students on their work.

Students in all special education programs will receive a full day of learning with their classroom teacher(s). Staff will work with families to provide all services on a student's IEP. Special Education services may take place in small groups or 1-1

To view the presentation, click here.
Policy Updates - 3000 (Business Operations)
Important Information for OPS Staff
CHI Health and Omaha Public Schools partner to honor teachers across the district
CHI Health wants nominations of Omaha Public Schools teachers changing the lives of students. Each month, they’ll surprise a Top Teacher nominee with a treat basket for the teachers' lounge and a personal gift card. CHI will draw winners on the last Friday of the month. CHI Health will select winners from three different grade levels across the district.
Anyone can nominate a Top Teacher at CHIhealth.com/TopTeachers.
Next OPS Board of Education Meeting
The next regularly scheduled Board Meeting will take place on Sept. 10. It is tentatively scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m.

Board of Education Agenda
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How Can I Watch a Previous Board of Education Meeting?
The video from the meeting will be available by Wednesday at noon following the meeting. The video can be viewed by clicking here.
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