Say hello to ORAFOL's latest color additions to the ORACAL® 970RA Premium Solid Color Wrapping Cast. We took some of our most popular colors and altered their finish, expanding your product selection and creative vision!

ORAFOL is driven to create the most dynamic array of vehicle wrap films available today! The ORACAL® 970RA is powered by an exciting lineup of over 125 colors. The bodyline hugging elegance of the 970's matte finish is simply hypnotic. The high gloss "wet paint" like finish offers extreme clarity, and is simply stunning.

The ORACAL® 970RA full line of colors, finishes, and effects are non-directional, making installations smoother and less stressful!
073M Matte Dark Grey Courtesy of Incognito Wraps, Las Vegas 
055M Mint Gloss, Courtesy of Incognito Wraps, Las Vegas 
076M Matte Telegrey, Courtesy of Wrapcision, Indianapolis
Premium Wrapping Cast with RapidAir ® Technology
Typical Application:
Long-term commercial and fleet vehicle wraps
Solid color change and restyling vehicle wraps

Features & Benefits:
  • Highly Opaque - ensuring no color bleed from the underlying automotive paint

  • Higher Film Density – Provides unrivaled, long-term durability, and maintains color retention when stretched with little to no distortion

  • Accepts More Heat – Effectively relax, conform, repair, and post-heat the film with higher temperatures (upwards of 248°F)

  • Luxurious Finishes – No visible air-channels disrupting the film surface, maintaining a higher-end clarity to the gloss colors, and a smooth supple satin-like finish to the matte colors

  • Long-term complete wraps of fleet and motor sport vehicles in solid, opaque colors. Conforms over curved surfaces, rivets and corrugations

Release Liner: 89# PE-coated silicone paper, featuring RapidAir®, an advance air release technology to facilitate quicker, easier, bubble-free applications.
Adhesive: Grey, solvent-based
Thickness: 4.24-mil
Outdoor Durability: Up to 12 years
Width: 60”
Length: 75’ (25-yard)
              30’ (10-yard)