The View From ORBiT
Ambition and vision for 2016

At ORBiT we aim to create an environment where utilizing new technology to drive efficiencies can flourish. By working together, we feel this is the year to bear fruit.
What's in store for 2016? Education, networking, dialog; an ambitious year is planned. Here is a sample:
  • We will launch a video series in partnership with IBAO. The program is designed to trigger Real Time adoption from a variety of perspectives: broker principals on why to make the investment, office administrators on how to optimize their systems, carrier underwriting/billing departments on how to encourage adoption, and front line on how to actually use the workflows today.
  • Our Client Experience working group will continue its mandate to define our customers' evolving expectations and identify the tools and practices needed to deliver the ideal experience (and the gaps in the way). This working group is a great volunteer opportunity for more future-focused ORBiT members.
  • We will launch a working group examining the barriers to straight-through processing. This was the outcome of lively discussion at our Annual Members' meeting in November. It's a great volunteer opportunity for brokerage principals.
  • And of course, our major event of the year will be Real Time Day. Last year was our most successful ever, selling out in advance and receiving great reviews across the board. We featured 2 keynote addresses, 6 panel discussions, and 1 workshop. Stay tuned for our Save-the-Date announcement soon.  
W e look forward to seeing you and hearing from you soon. Tell us your struggles and successes. By working together, we can make this year one of substantial progress.
If you haven't yet joined ORBiT, this is the perfect time.

Are you on the "digital expressway" wave?
By Doug Grant,

In his books ( Future Shock in 1970 and The Third Wave in 1980) from more than a quarter century ago, Alvin Toffler noted the increasing rapidity of change, and the emergence of the information age. We today are surrounded by data and information, and experience change to a degree possibly unimaginable to us who read those books then. Much of it is technology-enabled, and driven. We have moved from a caveat emptor to a consumer-oriented world; we are experiencing the double edged-sword of technology - what is possible vs the "costs" to get there - as we move faster onto the digital expressway.

Based on the 2016 Technology Awards program, the insurance industry is making interesting use of technology in most every direction.

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ORBiT elects new board member

Toronto, ON - January 25, 2016 - ORBiT Canada elected a new board member at their annual members' meeting on November 10th, Colin Marshall of Will Marshall Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Clients want this - so why aren't brokers supplying it?
A report from ORBiT's Annual Members' Meeting 
by Insurance Business Canada

A non-partisan collection of insurance brokers focused on refining the speed and efficiency of broker-carrier interactions issued a glaring wake-up call to Canadian producers at its annual members' meeting in Toronto.
In particular, ORBiT Canada's expert panel provided the following takeaway message to attendees: customer expectations are changing, and brokerages can either adapt to them or risk the sustainability of their business.