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Dr. John Paul Moses and several brothers have become a wonderful leader in their father's ministry in Bhadravathi, Karnataka, India.

ORH is very pleased to help their ministry. ORH put $2000.00 toward their food distribution. The following are excerpts from one of his recent letters.

"Once again, this September we were able to give out about 10 thousand pounds of rice to the neediest families. If you all have been following my updates for the past several months, we have been praying fervently to gather whole bibles, audio bibles and new testaments literature etc. Praise God that He provided in a way that we were able to do so."

"...We were able to help 50 families in Bangalore and 125 families in Bhadravathi. That takes the total to 175 poor and needy families who have been gravely affected with this pandemic. COVID-19 has destroyed lives and as well the livelihood of millions across the Globe. And India with nearly 1.4 billion souls has seen its worst as well"

"You can see one of the pastors (the individual in the orange shirt) receiving the food supplies in Bangalore The religious gatherings were banned for a great while and many churches haven’t opened yet because of the ongoing disease problem, many pastors and their livelihood of their families are affected due to this. God helped us to help many of them in various states of our country."

Dr. John Paul has proven himself over and over to be a truly God-fearing man with great devotion to the Gospel. He has repeatedly shown compassion and care for the Indian people.

Supplies in Bangalore.
Dr. Johnson is a favorite of ORH. Please read Dr. Johnson's VMA clinic spiritual impact report.

"...We had a wonderful spiritual impact on this new area of Kompeung Speu Province! This was the first time that the Gospel of Grace was presented to this area, based on our initial surveys and preliminary trips.
Approximately, 15 or more folks made decisions for Christ; but I have not yet collected all the decision records!! A member of our Phnom Penh Church (who is a great soul-winner and whose name is Viret), along with Pastor Vibol will be following up in this area(Elephant Head Village) and establishing new house churches!
One amazing testimony that occurred at this ORH VMA Clinic on August 28th was that a husband and a wife (couple) were saved, together. The husband's name is Phon and his wife's name is Yum. Both husband and wife were gloriously saved and immediately became "on fire" for God!!! Phon & Yum said that they had never heard this Good News, Gospel message, before; but both whole-heartedly accepted Christ as their personal Savior, after hearing it for the first time!!!
This is an incredible wonderful testimony that confirms to me that medical clinic outreaches are a powerful tool for pioneering the Gospel into new areas that have never heard the Good News, before!!!!!
Please pray for our follow-up and especially for Phon & Yum!! We will be establishing a new "House Church" in their home this coming Friday!"

Please pray that ORH can have funds for at least 1 clinic per month with Dr. Johnson.

ORH has worked with Buddy Fitzgerald in Peru for many years. Our last clinic area was in Sepahua, a remote jungle town in north east Peru. There ORH to renewed work with Pastor Wilbur.

ORH through your giving was able to purchase for Wilbur a new boat and motor for the follow up of the people along the Urubamba River, which comes out of the Andes and is the major river of the Amazon river.

Buddy wrote us the following about Wilber and his boat.

" Hi brother Jan, I hope that you are doing well. 
I’m not sure if you got this info from Wilber. He was able to visit several distant and very needy villages last month, and he just left today to visit some more villages. 
There is so much need for the Gospel, and for better health care. Without the help from ORH he would not have this boat, nor be able to visit these places. 
May the Gospel go forth to the ends of the earth. God bless, Buddy Fitzgerald"

Wilbur wrote that the boat was used for their translation team.

"Please your prayers, for the New Testament - Amahuaca translation group,...missionary trip to the interior of Rio Inuya, ...meet the wise men (elders) of the Amahuaca ethnic group."

Wilbur lives in a region of the world unknown to 99% of the world. It is remote and very rugged. Please pray for him and his family as they hold forth the ministry of Christ and His Church.
Internship with ORH
Young people must look to the future with medical missions.
Operation Renewed Hope is committed to helping young people do this.

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