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ORH is seeking a "pull behind" cooker for preparing food for returning people. If you have a good "pull behind" that you could donate, the Gospel could go to hundreds in the coming days. It must be in extremely good condition for testimony sake.

ORH has generators in the Lakeland, FL, area that must be moved to the "Laura" impact area. The generators are palletized and will require a box truck.


Victory Baptist Church - GOD'S AMAZING GRACE
There is never an end to God's amazing grace. ORH was contacted by Emmanuel Baptist Church in Winchester, VA, about a lady in the Lake Charles area needing help.

ORH made phone contact and asked her to go to Victory Baptist Church for assistance. She said she knew the pastor, Dr. Wayne Dartez.

She said she lost her home and her rental property and was living in a small building on her property. Pastor Dartez, who knew her, was able to provide food, and through ORH a small amount of money to help her. She wrote the following.

"Thank you very much for the money. We appreciate it sooo much. Words cannot express."

ORH was able to provide funds for Dr. Greg Lentz of "Hearts with Hands to deliver the food to Pastor Dartez that could be given to this nice lady.

ORH called Pastor Steve Rebert, Emmanuel Baptist in Winchester, about the disposition of the phone conversation. After he learned of the amount given through Victory to help the lady, he said that before the phone call God led him to send that exact amount to ORH. God is so good!

God used a church in Virginia, two relief ministries from North Carolina, and a hurting church with a loving pastor in Louisiana to show the love of Christ and His ability to save to a lady in need.
God's Amazing Grace.
Hearts with Hands delivering to Victory Baptist Church.
Lady's pictures of destruction around her.

Friendship Baptist Church - Derecho Thunderstorm Devastates Cedar Rapids, IA

Good people...a good church…doing a good work…for a great God.

God is good even in unexpected disaster, as occurred in Cedar Rapids, IA, on August 14, 2020. ORH reported about this event and began working with Pastor Terry Hamilton, Friendship Baptist Church, in Cedar Rapids. 

Jason Samenow, a weather professional for The Washington POST, wrote the following about the storm.

“It struck with the force of a Category 2 hurricane but without the usual days of warning…. Dispatches from Cedar Rapids reveal a disaster zone, with damage to most homes and businesses….”

ORH sent $3000.00 initially to help with the community. Since that initial commitment, ORH has committed another $3000.00 to the devastation area to support the efforts of Friendship Baptist to help their community. ORH hopes to send more.

Pastor Hamilton wrote the following.

“So far we have used $2,200 to pay for trailer rent for temporary housing.... their house...after they ripped everything out to the studs and sub flooring.... Here’s the couple in front of their house. Steve and Tanya Sheets.”

Internship with ORH
Young people must look to the future with medical missions.
Operation Renewed Hope is committed to helping young people do this.

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