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Thank God for Terry Rushing, Wings As Eagles, Wyldewood Baptist Church, Oshkosh, WI. Terry and his crew of workers accomplished so much while in Louisiana. They worked on Vincent Baptist Church and the pastor's home at Calvary Baptist Church in the Lake Charles area. Please, go to the full report and look at all their work. They deserve real appreciation for their self-less efforts. ORH was thankful to pay the flight expenses for the team.
Please, contact Wings; tell them what a great job they did!

Kevin McCoy and Mike Coupe traveled to both the Laura and Sally impact areas. Together, with others they were able to remove trees for ladies in need, the Marvelous Grace Girl's Academy, and other's in need. Please go and see their full report. ORH was privileged to provide financial support for their efforts.


It is always a blessing to help the people of Pakistan. They face very difficult circumstances as they seek to serve Christ and live peaceably with all men.

The Covid 19 situation has left them without work and with meager resources for food and help. ORH sent $1000.00 through Sam Stricklin. Pastor Silas Ayub wrote the following.

"We praise our Heavenly Father for He is always there with us to provide for us, protect us and guide us all the time. Thank you so much for sending the help. In addition to Covid-19, many people in Pakistan are effected with Heavy Rains and floods. People have no jobs. Many people are struggling with not having enough for daily bread to feed their families. The help that you sent served in a timely manner. We were able to help 92 families with the food package worth 1550/= Rupees. The food package included Flour, Rice, pulses and some essential items for daily use.
People were extremely happy and thankful for the help when they needed the most. In Christ, Silas Ayub"

ORH needs your prayers that we can continue such works of mercy. Since Covid 19, "Laura," and "Sally," many are facing hardships. Reports of needs are abudant.

Pray ORH can meet the needs which come to our attention.

The Dominican Republic has been a favorite place for ORH. Through Iglesia Bautista Christiana in Santo Domingo, Pastor Pedro de Cunha; several evangelistic clinics have been conducted.

ORH has formed a firm relationship with the Church through Assistant Pastor Yadin Rodriguez. He has helped plan all of our evangelistic clinics in the DR, provided support for AIR HOPE missions during Caribbean disasters, and has been faithful to follow up the work of the clinics.

Iglesia Bautista Christiana in Pedernales on the Haitian border has been the site of two clinics. Pastor Yadin wrote us of the needs there due to Hurricane Laura. ORH responded with $500.00 for the church and families in Pedernales.

Pastor Yadin sent the following report and photos.

"Hello Brother Jan, here is the report from Pastor Andres Benitez in Pedernales

"Iglesia Bautista Cristiana in Pedernales thanks you for the offering you sent to help us with the damages from the storm. We were able to repair the zinc roofs for several families in our church as well as a small chapel we are establishing in the country side. In addition to the roof repair, we fixed some damages to the windows of our church building and the pastors house. Attached are some pictures of the families receiving the zinc plates for their roofs and of the repairs of the church building. Thank you very much and blessings”

Pastor Benitez and the church family were very thankful for the help from ORH ministry. Lord bless, Yadin Rodriguez"

ORH cannot emphasize enough the appreciation and love for Pastor Yadin and family. He is a great blessing.
Internship with ORH
Young people must look to the future with medical missions.
Operation Renewed Hope is committed to helping young people do this.

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