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The ORH Internship program is important to future medical missionaries being medically trained and mentored to be a medical missionary. The newest Intern with ORH is Grace Khiang Chothe. Grace lives in India with her parents.

ORH has helped her with $1000.00 to start her first year of her medical education. A donor, who heard of her desire to be a medical missionary with ORH, has sent $2000.00 to ORH for her first year. She is attempting to raise $8000.00for her first year. She must raise $5000.00 of the $8000.00 in order to enroll in March. Please read her plans to be a medical missionary below.  

" Hi! my name is Grace Khiang Chothe. I am 20 years old. I was born and brought up in a Christian family. I had the privilege of hearing the Gospel from my parents and I accepted Christ as my personal Saviour when I was 7 years old. The evening I got saved my mom talked to me from John 3:16 and Romans 5:8 and it was through these verses I realized that I am a sinner but Christ died on the cross for the redemption of my sin and to give me eternal life. Since then, I am saved and daily living in the Lord according to Gal.2:20.
Also as I grew up, it was a privilege for me to see my parents serving the Lord as missionaries and commit their lives to serve our Lord and the people. My mother being a trained nurse, I could see how my parents were helpful to the people around by taking care of them not only spiritually but physically healings and medications too.
I used to involve in several medical camps, visiting sick people along with them and taking care of poor and needy people with medical supplies. Such incidents had helped me to decide to be a medical doctor and choose my career to be medical missionary in near future. I am sincerely and fervently praying to become a good Christian doctor so that I can serve more people in both physical and spiritual needs just as I have seen in my parents. I would love to work hard to become a good Christian doctor highly committed for the Lord.
I am very thankful to God for uncle Jan Milton and the ORH Mission who are ready and willing to help me financially and spiritually disciple me to fulfill my ambition, and I am looking forward to serving our God with ORH as intern even now itself."

I hope you will pray for her about her financial needs and her great expectations.
Alex and Flor Herrera have been faithful in Pillcopata, Peru for over 5 years. They provided the Gospel message during the first and second clinics conducted by ORH in Pillcopata.

After the first clinic, they stayed with the people in Pillcopata and built a new church. Pillcopata, Peru is one of the most remote areas in Peru. It is 13 hours from Cusco on the floor of the jungle.

ORH has supported them for over five years through missionary Buddy Fitzgerald. Please read their report.

"Dear brothers of ORH, greetings from Pillcopata (Cuzco-Peru) it is a joy for us, to be able to share with you how great things God has done for us; as a church we have been blessed, because the protection and strength of our Lord has been with us in the midst of this pandemic, because our Lord has sustained each family that is part of this congregation, and we believe with all our heart that this year will be the same, however because of the pandemic, it has been difficult to meet as a church; we as a family have been visiting and encouraging each family to be firm and constant in the things of the Lord; Thus, for a little time, we have gathered again, however due to the new increase in the second wave of the pandemic, we have once again suspended the meetings.

Dear brothers and sisters, this issue of the pandemic has caused a lot of interest in people, and we are taking advantage of the situation to be able to preach to them about our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dear brothers, at the beginning of January of this year, we as a family suffered from the pandemic, we were infected, although our children had no complications, my wife who is pregnant and I suffered from the symptoms of Covic 19. But In everything that happened to us, our great God freed us from any complication that could affect our lives, for this reason we give glory to our God, for taking care of us and sustaining us in all this time.
Dear brothers and sisters, through your publications on social networks, we learn how God uses them in different parts of the world, we are praying a lot for you, for your protection and provision, and above all so that God glorifies himself in everything. what you do; For us it is a joy to be part of this beautiful family that is ORH, God bless you brothers for the hard work you do in the work of our great God.

Dear brothers and sisters, I want to thank you, for being with us one more year, your prayers have been very important in the spiritual life of each family that is part of this church here in Pillcopata; His generous offerings have also been a great blessing for us, so we praise God for his great love for us and we thank them with all our hearts for being part of this ministry; God bless you dear brothers of ORH. Sincerely, Herrera Mamani missionary family.
ORH is very burdened to announce that the May 2021 clinic in Liberia has been cancelled due to the government travel restrictions. The team must have a negative Covid-19 report to return to the United States. The timing for the negative report is not compatible with the timing of our clinic days.

Please pray for our next clinic in July 2021. It will be in Honduras if we can work out the return Covid-19 test. This promises to be a great opportunity in an extremely remote area of Honduras.

Also, pray of our clinic in October 2021 to Uganda with missionary Keith Stensaas.

Please pray for return tests for Covid-19.
Internship with ORH
Young people must look to the future with medical missions.
Operation Renewed Hope is committed to helping young people do this.

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