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Jim Childress – Panama Covid 19 Food Ministry
Jim is our first missionary to ever conduct a medical clinic with ORH. That is almost 30 years ago and many clinics since. Jim wrote the following.
“Jan, This is our box this time – sent about every two weeks.
    These boxes are usually full by the time we get everything in. Content will vary. Last time they got eggs. This time they get oil, pancake mix, and some baked goods. And cheese as a first. Also, Phyllis is doing some baked goods.
    Meats include hamburger, hotdogs, tuna or canned chicken. This time no potatoes since the store did not have any. 

And it depends on special sales (special promotions, 2 for 1 of things close to expiring). The bag of rice is 25 pounds. From my work funds I also help regular church members in need.
"Your help lets me do more for them instead of having to decide the neediest.”.
   “This is the third reports for the $2,000 just sent for food distributions.
1. Unit price of rice, $ 14.5 USD
2. Total bags of rice bought, 130
3. Total money used, $ 1,885 USD
4. Balance 15 USD was used for safe keeping in an individual shop until the various family heads and the few Churches take delivery.
5 . Reason for keeping the rice in an individual shop for safe keeping is that I don't have a good moving vehicle right now. My vehicle is really given me tough time right now.
    Thank you so much for your usual cooperation and support to LSHF. Please see attached receipt and some pictures of delivery."

God bless. Pastor Joseph D Nunu, President, The Lord Shepherd Hope Foundation, Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa.”
James and Holly Tamang are ministering in Katmandu, Nepal. They have a church, children’s home, and much more. ORH has supported their children’s home for many years at $100.00 per month. This money is used for purchasing food for the children. Recently, we offered to send $1000.00 for the Covid 19 food ministry. James wrote the following.

“Brother Milton, these are the receipts that I have of items. The amount of the receipts is saved as the file names, so it is easier to add. 
    For our relief packages we helped them with: 25 kgs Rice, 1 kg sugar, 1 kg black lentil, 1 kg red lentil, 3 kg flat bitten rice (can eat without cooking, like cereal), 1 kg salt, one pack of dried spinach for curry, a bar of handwashing soap.
    The receipts are all in Nepali Rupees. Calculation would be around Nepali Rupees 29590. Which can convert to $ by exchange rate of $1 = NRs 112
In $ conversion would be $264.
    Thank you very much for your understanding. Please if you do have any questions let me know. Through Christ alone, James & Holly Tamang, NEPAL”
Brother Wilbur is a national pastor in the jungle town of Sepahua, Peru. Wilbur was the host pastor for our clinic in October, 2019. Missionary Rachel Tarvin wrote about this prayer request.

Urgent prayer
“Yesterday was a really hard day. Brother José Trigosas wife passed away. Three of my church folks have passed away…. CELIN, JONÁS Y JUSTINA (José Trigoso’s wife) Please pray! Covid is devouring with his contagion and whole families are sick. The pastor of the church in Puija, and The wife of the pastor in Bufeo Pozo. Thank the Lord pastor Fernando Pablino Is recovering....”

Brother Wilbur is our lead pastor in an area of Peru which is about 195 miles into the jungle area from the closest town of Pucallpa. Please pray for these people.

Pucallpa (Quechua: puka allpa, lit. 'red dirt') is a city in eastern Peru located on the banks of the Ucayali River, a major tributary of the Amazon River.
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