Arcam Founder Magnus René has been instrumental to the additive manufacturing revolution in orthopedics. Today, he brings his vision and passion to an osseointegrated prosthetic implant system for amputees–as well as next-generation robotic prostheses.
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Price pressure was a common theme in the quarter for many companies, as it offset some gains made from increased surgical volumes.

In reviewing the lineup of presenters, we found the number of software companies to be of interest. Augmedics, Muvr Labs, OrthoGrid and Statera Spine are on the agenda, offering solutions throughout the continuum of care.

Orthopedic strategics have been purchasing and partnering with software startups to gain access to their technology and their people in recent years.

NUsurface is the first artificial meniscus to be marketed in Europe. If cleared by FDA, NUsurface would be the first artificial meniscus in the U.S. market.

We came across Dr. Alan Dang, a spine surgeon, and Dr. Alexis Dang, a sports medicine surgeon, when PrinterPrezz came out of stealth in 2018. The company was founded by the surgeons along with its CEO, who comes from the semiconductor industry, and COO, who has a background in big tech, including Apple.
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This 8-company round-up features Biofusion Medical, another entrant into the SI joint arena as well as additional details about some lesser-known companies to watch.

"I believe that we are entering a golden age of spine innovation that we haven’t seen in two decades." 

"I have learned that innovation is rarely a smooth process and often requires perseverance to make real progress. Usually, it goes well beyond what you thought would be needed at the start." 

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The experimental engineered cell therapy aims to promote better healing of rotator cuff tears after surgery. Patients with full-thickness rotator cuff tears who undergo arthroscopic surgical repair will receive two injections of E-CEL: one in the tendon and one into the adjacent muscle.

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