Patrick Vega's quarterly column prompts orthopedic device companies to think beyond price by better understanding the provider environment, and by pursuing provider partnerships that convert one-time sales into long-term strategic and trusted partnerships.

He and his team of hospital operations, sourcing and supply chain experts explore core elements of hospital value analysis and purchasing, and share ways that small companies' sales channels can successfully navigate the processes.

In the end, the most successful products and initiatives are supported by detailed planning, a thorough understanding of protocols and compliance requirements of each specific value analysis committee, relevant research and local physician advocacy.

Dr. Hendrik Delport has evolved from surgeon to researcher to teacher to innovator. We asked for insights from his varied career experiences. What would he do different if given the chance? "Nothing," he said.

While prepping our 2019 revenue projections, we noted major drivers of the year. Download the spreadsheet, 2019 Revenue Projections by Company by Segment , and read the backstories.

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Biomatlante is a developer and manufacturer of orthobiologic products with application in joint reconstruction, spine, trauma and sports medicine procedures. AMS made the purchase for $8.8 million in cash, with a potential additional $0.3 million based on product approval milestones over two years.

Biomatlante markets MBCP synthetic bone graft in granule, putty and bespoke interbody cage insert formats, as well as the Osteotwin line of resorbable interference screws and instruments.

The add-on acquisition furthers CrossRoads' strategy to grow its presence in the orthopedic extremities sector. 

In 2020, the two will collaborate to supplement their portfolios with each other's products for global sale. 

Mathys will replace its legacy revision stem with BREHM's modular revision MRP-TITAN device. MRP-TITAN can cover a wider range of indications and offer more intraoperative solution approaches than Mathys' previous option.

Payors' increased use of third-party authorization has added a complex layer to reimbursement. Kim Norton, VP of Reimbursement at Simplify Medical, explains how this trend affects the spine market .

Smart SPACE Shoulder 3D Planner & 3D Positioner is a digital platform developed by TechMah Medical, whom Lima acquired in 2018.

Smart SPACE offers intuitive, surgeon-driven software that supports 3D pre-operative planning, as well as tools for intra-operative positioning. When fully launched, Smart SPACE will have application in shoulder, hip and knee replacement.

Studies have shown that the InSet Shoulder demonstrated an 87% reduction in implant micro-motion vs. conventional glenoid designs, with no complications, no cases of glenoid implant loosening and no revisions performed in the series at a mean 8.7-year follow-up.

LimiFlex was developed as a motion-preserving alternative to use of instrumentation and bone graft to stabilize the spine, post-decompression. The prospective, multi-center, controlled clinical trial will evaluate safety and efficacy of the device compared to fusion.

“We’re a regenerative medicine company that has a unique technology to accelerate and enhance healing and reduce infections,” said CEO Randy Hubbell. “Our technology is delivering regenerative factors, specifically growth factors, locally to an injured site and has a time-release mechanism.”

3D printing, AI, augmented reality, robotics, sensors and virtual reality all hold promise to disrupt orthopedic manufacturing, supply chains and the delivery of patient care. Stefano Bini, M.D., Founder and Chair of DOCSF and OMTEC keynote speaker, shares his view on the integration of these tools.   
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