May 2018  

Established companies and startups alike seek to enter the trauma segment, and we think this dynamic will make it one of the more exciting markets to watch. Here's why.

Value-based payment models, growing numbers of outpatient surgeries and transparency into price of care will impact our industry over the next five years.

What hospitals mean by "Volume to Value" is change to the mix of product and service offerings to answer patients' demands and increase profitability...strategies any smart business should adopt. Dr. Mark I. Froimson, surgeon executive and thought leader on value-based healthcare, will bring guidance on what drives hospital decisions and the impact on device company price and value... Register for OMTEC Today!

June issue

June issue

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The transaction will boost contract manufacturer In'Tech's staff to over 800 employees, with projected 2018 revenues of ~$120MM. 
The present commercial organization will grow from 12 to 23 people. BONESUPPORT's bone void filler product will be joined by new CERAMENT formulations, as well as other bone graft substitutes via partnerships. Direct sales will commence in October 2018.
The battery-powered device automates bone prep, implant assembly and positioning, and replaces the handheld mallet. DePuy will develop the technology for a range of orthopaedic procedures.