June 2018  

Hospital systems are growing more sophisticated from operational and supplier standpoints.
Hospital purchasing priorities are highly focused on value--on quality.
Hospital purchasing decisions are complicated.

No matter your title or responsibilities, as a professional within the orthopaedic industry, we believe that these takeaways from  hospital executives and surgeons offer you important reminders of their actions and priorities.
Meet five companies who can now bring to market a total knee, a PEEK-OPTIMA TLIF system, novel fixation devices and a new suture anchor design. 

July issue

July issue

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Alongside their 1Q18 results, a number of players increased their full-year revenue guidance based on surgical robot product uptake, an expanded distributor partnership, acquisition-related contributions or premarket approval news.
OsteoDetect can be used in a wide range of settings: primary care, ER, urgent and specialty care, and can support early intervention in disease.
The combination product comprises recombinant human platelet derived growth factor plus collagen and Beta tri-calcium phosphate, and serves as an alternative to autograft in hindfoot and ankle fusion.
The H2 design is based on the Hintermann H3 mobile-bearing ankle, which has 18 years of positive clinical outcomes ex-U.S. H2 has been implanted >40 times in Europe.