OSC Brings Anti-Vaping Technology to Schools
OSC World is offering Fly Sense, the only vape and Juul detection device for schools on the market today. Help your communities and parents deter and cut down on this harmful habit.
Over the past school year there has been an explosion in the amount of vaping on school grounds and buildings. We have seen that this trend has fully entered the public consciousness via numerous stories in mainstream and popular publications. As students, teens and young adults are utilizing this product, they are being exposed to toxic chemicals that are as bad or even worse than tobacco cigarettes.
The FDA has issued over 40 letters for violations for selling the devices to minors and demanded the manufacturer turn over documents relating to its toxicity and the marketing of its product to young people, despite its claims to the contrary.
According to a recent study , in 2017, 19 percent of 12th graders, 16 percent of 10th-graders and 8 percent of 8th graders reported vaping nicotine in the past year and at least 5 potentially harmful toxicants are found in the body of human adolescents who use electronic cigarettes according to a study by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
Many states have banned vaping and e-cigarettes on public and school grounds, but laws can only do so much – Fly Sense’s latest technology can assist school districts in more easily detecting student vaping and Juuling – the latest e-cigarette craze – which is rapidly spreading among students. The crisis has reached epidemic proportions – now is the time to act ahead of the new school year’s fall term when vaping will again be on the rise.
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Juul E-Cigarettes Face FDA Probe
Agency requests information on marketing and ingredients from company selling ‘Fruit Medley’ flavored e-cigs
The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday said it is moving against the sale of e-cigarettes to minors by targeting Juul Labs Inc., the maker of one of the most popular such products in the U.S.

Device to Fight School Bullying Presented at S.A. School Boards Convention
A tech device that could help school administrators cut down on bullying is being presented today to the National Association of School Boards meeting in San Antonio, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.
Bullying is generally considered, along with mental health concerns, to be the prime factor in school violence and school shootings.

Technology could help prevent school vaping, bullying
LAS VEGAS - New technology may help prevent vaping and bullying at schools.

An alert system provides a unique way to detect potentially dangerous activity in places where cameras are not allowed.

The inventor of the new surveillance system says school bathrooms and locker rooms are often hiding spots where students have been caught vaping and fighting.

OSC World's Fly Sense featured on
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