May 17 - 2019

T-minus 3 days ....

Sometimes elected officials are able to set aside all their differences and work out a reasonable agreement in an open and deliberative manner. Unfortunately that has not yet been the case for Minnesota's 2019 session. As I write this, there is still no deal ... although for the last 48 hours we have seen some indication that they are getting close. Time is really becoming a major obstacle now, to getting everything agreed and passed by Monday's midnight deadline. It can still happen - however, we are well past the point of legislators being able to read bills before they vote on them. 

If/when spending targets are announced the 10 conference committees will rush to adopt language and spreadsheets. Then, the non partisan staff will need to assemble the major bills and have the report signed by the conferees.  ... And then, the bills will head to the House and Senate floors for debate and votes. 

To quote Jerry Reed from smokey and the Bandit "We got a long way to go, and short time to get there".  But alas, nothing is ever dead at the Capitol until they adjourn.

Live view from Capitol
Conference Committees
Conference Committees - Schedule
For updates call 651-296-0504

You can find all Side by Side language comparison here on the Mn revisors website.
Omnibus agriculture, rural development and housing 
SF 2226/HF 2200
Senate Conferees: Westrom, Weber, Goggin, Draheim, Dziedzic
House Conferees: Poppe, Hausman, Pelowski, Vang, Gunther
1100 Minnesota Senate Building 

Omnibus E-12 education bill
SF 7/HF 2400
Senate Conferees: tbd
House Conferees: Davnie, Youakim, Pinto, Sandstede, Urdahl
5 State Office Building

Omnibus environment and natural resources 
SF 2314/HF 2209
Senate Conferees: Ingebrigtsen, Ruud, Eichorn, Johnson, Tomassoni
House Conferees: Hansen, Persell, Fischer, Becker-Finn, Nelson, N.
G-3 Capitol

Omnibus health and human services 
SF 2452 /HF 2414
Senate Conferees: Benson, Abeler, Utke, Jensen, Marty
House Conferees: Liebling, Moran, Schultz, Halverson, Hamilton
1200 Minnesota Senate Building

Omnibus higher education 
SF 2415 /HF 2544
Senate Conferees: Anderson, P., Draheim, Jensen, Relph, Clausen
House Conferees: Bernardy, Pryor, Lien, Klevorn, Nornes 
123 Capitol

Omnibus jobs, energy and commerce bill
SF 2611/HF 2208
Senate Conferees: Pratt, Dahms, Osmek, Housley, Simonson
House Conferees: Mahoney, Wagenius, Stephenson, Long, Hassan
10 State Office Building

Omnibus judiciary and public safety bill
SF 802/HF 2792
Senate Conferees: Limmer, Anderson, B., Johnson, Lang, Latz
House Conferees: Mariani, Lesch, Moller, Pinto, Zerwas
120 State Office Building

Omnibus state government bill
SF 2227/HF 1935
Senate Conferees: Kiffmeyer, Anderson, B., Koran, Mathews, Carlson
House Conferees: Nelson, M., Freiberg, Ecklund, Kiel, Dehn
G-23 Capitol

Omnibus tax bill
SF 5/HF 2125
Senate Conferees: Chamberlain, Senjem, Dahms, Howe, Rest
House Conferees: Marquart, Loeffler, Lislegard, Gomez, Davids 
G-15 Capitol

Omnibus transportation bill
SF 1093/HF 1555
Senate Conferees: tbd
House Conferees: Hornstein, Koegel, Tabke, Richardson, Torkelson
200 State Office Building
What's Next?

At this point there are just three options:

1. Global agreement and a mad dash to the end.

2. Train wreck that requires a special session to fix.

3. They pass a "lights on" bill that just keeps government open. 

I will keep you posted about what transpires. Stay tuned.

Cap O'Rourke
President, O'Rourke Strategic Consulting 

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