Making National News in Fight Against Bullying and Vaping 
OSC World has been making headlines across the country with Fly Sense, the cloud-based "Internet Of Things" (IOT) anti-bullying and vaping detector/sensor specifically designed for schools. The cloud-based platform detects and sends alerts to school officials when bullying or vaping is taking place in bathrooms, isolated areas as well as classrooms and lunch rooms of schools. When the sensor detects decibel level anomalies caused by bullying or chemicals from vaping, it sends an immediate notification to one or many school officials' computers or mobile devices.
Fly Sense was recently featured on Good Morning America where it has been installed at a school district on Long Island. The use of the device is of particular importance to New York schools as state legislation has made the use of e-cigarettes and vaping devices illegal on public and private school property across the state.
The Queens Chronicle, one of the leading newspapers in New York City, also profiled the Student Safety and Anti-Bullying Technology Conference. Experts discussed the impact bullying - both online and in the real world - has on students and steps which could be taken by schools in order to address such issues.
During the conference, OSC showcased the Fly Sense technology to educators as well as Fly Sights, the social media awareness platform for threat and bullying detection for school districts.
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How do we address school bullying?
Katz, industry experts address the problem at conference in Queens
by Mark Lord, Chronicle Contributor

Bullying can happen anywhere and can affect everyone - those who bully, those who are targeted and even those who witness it taking place.
The problem, which is rampant across the country, was addressed at a Student Safety and Anti-Bullying Technology Conference on Dec. 13 at LaGuardia Plaza Hotel in East Elmhurst, with Borough President Melinda Katz, experts in the field and several dozen school administrators, principals and guidance counselors on hand to examine possible solutions.
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