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Flight Log
July 2018
Dear fellow pilot,

Even if you stop reading right now, watch a 2 minute video about our new Slingshot wireless technology.  It will save you HOURS of updating your avionics!


Now back to our regularly scheduled newsletter: Our team of intrepid aviators is on its way to Oshkosh right now.  If you're going, come see us in Booth C-3089 (Hangar C) to learn about all our products, watch a seminar (see below for details), take advantage of our great show-only specials, or just meet the team. With the imminent release of our incredible new Slingshot technology, there is a lot to see.
  • Slingshot. Our new Slingshot tech saves you hours of time updating your avionics by streaming ChartData wirelessly from FlyQ to experimental and certified avionics.  Watch the new video.
  • Stratus 3. The Stratus line of ADS-B systems has long been a pilot favorite for many reasons. The new Stratus 3 was engineered to work with FlyQ EFB out of the box!
  • iOS 11.4.1.  Cleared for liftoff.
  • OSH Seminars.  Intro to FlyQ: Wed 10 AM, Advanced FlyQ: Fri 8:30 AM
  • Keep up with our Blog for news, new data reminders, updates, specials, etc.
I'm Steve Podradchik, the CEO here. I write the newsletter so email me personally if there is something you'd like me to cover next month.  And use the "Follow" feature on our Blog to keep up with daily news, product info, and more.  A quick personal note:  I've been to 14 out of the last 16 AirVentures but can't make this one due to all the things we're working on.  We're sending a large team this year, many of them young, first-time OSHers who will be a little wet behind the cowlings so please make them feel welcome.
Slingshot Wireless Technology

Problem: All the avionics systems in your plane have an insatiable appetite for new data every 28 days.  That means time-consuming downloads, SD cards or USB sticks, etc.  This can take hours.  

Solution: With new Slingshot, just bring FlyQ EFB into the plane and it streams its data to certified and experimental MFDs and smart displays.  The data transfer is nearly immediate and it means you only download data once (for FlyQ) and you're good to fly with you in-panel avionics, too!
We've been working on this for years and just filed a patent on it.  I'm incredibly happy to announce that it's now in beta and you can see it working at the BendixKing complex at OSH with their exciting new xVue Touch and AeroVue Touch systems.

Of course, this requires an iPad/iPhone EFB app that uses the same data as the avionics systems use.  That's why only Seattle Avionics can do this as we have the #3 best-selling, #1 rated iPad/iPhone app in FlyQ EFB and many of the leading avionics vendors use our ChartData including BendixKing, Dynon, Aspen, AFS, GRT, and more!

Stratus 3 and FlyQ EFB
Stratus 3 + FlyQ EFB

We've admired the reliability of the Stratus line of ADS-B systems for years.  Our engineers worked closely with Appareo's engineers to ensure that FlyQ EFB and their exciting new Stratus 3 work perfectly together.  Starting with FlyQ EFB 3.2 (now in beta, should be released in a few days), just fire up a Stratus 3, connect the WiFi, and see traffic, weather, AHRS, and GPS. And, like the 20+ other GPS and ADS-B systems we support, FlyQ's Flight Recorder works perfectly with it.

At an introductory price of $699 ($200 less than the Stratus 2S), it's a heck of bargain for those looking for an exceptional system.  Plus Appareo has an upgrade program for 2S customers.

> Learn more about the Stratus 3
Intro to FlyQ EFB
OSH: Intro to FlyQ EFB

Wed. July 25.  10 AM.  Forum Stage 11

FlyQ EFB is the highest-rated major aviation app because it's so easy to use.  Our exclusive "Rule of 2" design philosophy means that all major functions are no more than 2 touches away so you fly the plane, not the iPad.  This presentation covers all the major features so you can download a free trial and get flying immediately!  Also covers new features added in FlyQ EFB 3.0 such as new iPhone support, Augmented Reality, and the Flight Data Recorder.

Advanced FlyQ EFB
OSH: Advanced FlyQ EFB

Fri. July 27.  8:30 AM.  Homebuilders Hangar

FlyQ EFB has emerged as one of the most popular iPad apps around, mostly due to its ease of use.  But it has a lot of power, too.  We'll peel back the covers on some of its more advanced features and show how it integrates with FlyQ Online (PC and Mac).

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