A medical evaluation and clearance are necessary to determine the employee's initial ability to wear a respirator per  OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134 (e)(1).  An employer may require additional medical evaluations if symptoms  or medical signs regarding an employees' use of a respirator are noted, information from the program's administrator indicates a reevaluation, or observations made during the fit testing or the conditions in the workplace changes  (1910.134)(e)(7). Prior to getting fit tested annually as required by OSHA the mandatory section (Appendix C to Sec. 1910.134 Part A. Section 1 & 2) of the medical questionnaire must be completed

PHASE Associates performs medical evaluations using an online medical questionnaire and in addition, we provide the required annual respirator fit testing and training.  Contact  Gary Schwartz  or visit our  website  for more information.

According to OSH Act section 5(a)(1), employers must provide their  employees with a work environment safe from potential risks and hazards that can cause serious death or injury.

Personnel who are exposed to hot objects, high air temperatures or humidity, and/or endear strenuous physical labor which puts them at a higher risk of heat stress and other heat related illnesses. 

The WBGT meter is the most accurate instrument for monitoring the temperature for heat stress factors including humidity, air movement (i.e., wind), radiant heat, and temperature. After the WBGT is measured, clothing adjustment factor added, and workload translated into metabolic rate; use the ACGIH TLV & Action Limit table to determine the risk for exposure to heat stress above the AL for un-acclimatized personnel or the TLV for acclimatized personnel.

Every company under the jurisdiction of OSHA should maintain an Occupational Safety and Health program. The framework is intended to provide companies with a method of addressing safety and health issues at their workplaces. PHASE Associates  owns a WBGT meter and can assist in formal heat stress evaluations . Additionally, we  can develop, review, or modify written safety programs. Please contact Gary Schwartz for more information at
973-597-0750 .

Researchers from University of Buffalo conducted a study to see the effects of dri nking a caffeinated or high-fructose drink after more than 30 minutes of exercise, repeatedly to show the similarity of a typical day for workers. The results showed higher levels of kidney disease. Furthermore, the participants had a rise in blood pressure and showed mild dehydration. 

For more information regarding our PPE services, please contact Gary Schwartz or visit our website.
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