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Tools to communicate your medical marijuana stance
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Ohio employers need to determine their stance on the state's medical marijuana law. And after that decision has been made, it's critical you inform and verify that your employees understand your decision. To learn more about the tools mentioned in the video above and get help communicating your stance to your employees, visit our website.
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“An employee caused an accident that resulted in equipment damage exceeding the dollar amount listed in our drug-free workplace policy. No one was hurt, and it was an accident that could have happened to anyone in our line of work. Can we skip the test?”

Testing may seem like a hassle sometimes, particularly after a non-injury accident, since medical attention, treatment and workers’ compensation are not an issue. Choosing just to repair the damage and skip testing may be tempting.

However, a strong drug-free workplace ...

Guess What We Heard?

Federal court limits scope of OSHA investigations

An 11th Circuit Court ruling reinforced that there are "limits on OSHA's inspection authority" and that employers have a right to "limit consent to inspect or to challenge a warrant."

This ruling came out of United States V. Mar-Jac Poultry Inc.

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Discover some elements behind the complex decision businesses need to make regarding medical marijuana.
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According to the 2018 Ohio Health Issues Poll, 30% of Ohio adults have been prescribed a pain reliever, such as Vicodin or OxyContin, in the past 5 years. ( )