January 2018
Ashley Ledbetter, President, CBS ArcSafe
2018 Promises Growth, Stability, and an Enhanced Customer Experience

Last year was CBS ArcSafe's most successful year yet, and 2018 is looking even better as we grow our offerings and knowledge base. Not only does CBS ArcSafe now have more than 300 products in our extensive lineup of arc-flash  mitigation equipment, Group CBS just added two new locations in Chicago and St. Louis. That brings the Group's total to 20 offices throughout the U.S., plus an expanding worldwide reach, which positions us to improve already strong personal relationships with our customers.
CBS ArcSafe and the other affiliate companies within the Group CBS family look forward to providing unparalleled support in the new year, whatever your electrical apparatus inventory, service, and engineering requirements.
CBS ArcSafe New Products 
CBS ArcSafe Introduces RSA-134H for Square D Type QMB Safelex PBS 

The CBS ArcSafe RSA-134H remote switch actuator is compatible with the Square D Type QMB Safelex 2000 A panelboard switch (PBS), typically used for the switching and protection of low-voltage AC and DC power distribution systems.  Operators can use the lightweight, portable RSA-134H to safely close or trip the PBS from up to 300 feet. Read more.
CBS ArcSafe OSHA Resources  
Electrician Burned by Arc Flash at North Dakota Plant

An electrician sustained serious burns from an arc flash while installing and testing breakers at a manufacturing facility in Fargo, ND, according to OSHA. Our engineering team at CBS ArcSafe is dedicated to rendering these types of incidents obsolete.  Read more.
CBS ArcSafe Company News  
Want a Demo? We'll Come to You!

CBS ArcSafe can bring a demo of our remote racking and switching equipment directly to your doorstep. Our fleet is packed full of gear that lets you see firsthand how our products protect technicians from arc-flash danger when installing and removing breakers. Read more.
CBS ArcSafe Product Videos
RRS-3 Stations Operators Outside Arc-Flash Zone

Single-application remote racking systems (RRS-3s) from CBS ArcSafe are designed to remotely rack a single type/style of circuit breaker, allowing the technician to stand up to 300 feet outside the arc-flash boundary. This video demonstrates several RRS-3 units on breakers from various manufacturers. 

CBS ArcSafe and EHS Today magazine's webinar "Employing Remote Operation to Prevent Electrical Arc-Flash Casualties" is available on our website! In case you missed it, you can still  listen now .
January 29, 2018
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February 26-March 2, 2018
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Denver, CO

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