OSHA's Training Requirements

Many employers use online computer-based training for the ease of convenience and compliance. But are those online  trainings  really compliant in accordance with OSHA standard? According to the issued letter of interpretation on July 11, 2019 by the Acting Director of  Enforcement  Programs, safety and health online computer  training are not compliant unless they offer an interactive (hands on) component and a hotline to call with questions to receive real time answers from a trainer.  PHASE Associates can provide supplemental instructor led training to the online training.  

To learn more about all of our OSHA and safety related training courses visit our   website and contact us to schedule today. 
OSHA's Leading Indicators 

Every company under the jurisdiction of  OSHA  should have an Occupational Safety and Health Program. The foundation is intended to provide manageme nt and their employees with a complete method of addressing safety and health issues in the workplaces. A successful safety and health program can:

  • Prevent injuries and illnesses in the workplace
  • Reduce costs associated with incidents
  • Improve productivity and overall performance
  • Raise employee participation 

PHASE Associates can help you evaluate or implement OSHA leading indicators. We can conduct a safety and health audit and review your company's current 
Health and Safety Program which includes written programs, job hazard analysis (JHAs), and stand operating procedures (SOPs). Please contact Gary Schwartz for more information .
Community Right to Know - Due March 1, 2020

New Jersey
Facilities in certain industrial classifications defined by North  American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes are required to submit an annual Community Right to Know Survey (CRTK Survey). Many companies believe they are exempt from reporting requirements and have not submitted a CRTK Survey or an Exemption form. 
New York City
Most companies, with few exceptions, have to submit a CRTK Survey. Since the NYC RTK Law has set very low reporting thresholds for many substances, even small quantities may need to be reported. Compliance is required if any hazardous substances meet or exceed the appropriate reporting threshold. Mixtures will also need to be reported depending on their contents. Other Right to Know requirements include reporting spills at the facility, designating a facility emergency coordinator and labeling hazardous material containers properly. 
New York
Companies in the State of New York should comply with federal chemical inventory reporting requirements.  
What are your next steps?
For more information and a free consultation, contact PHASE Associates to determine if your company is required to submit a CRTK survey for reporting year 2019. At this time, we can conduct the following:
  • Review, update or develop a Hazard Communication program 
  • Update or create labeling for hazardous material containers  
  • Develop and review existing SDS 
  • Provide training for your workers

Contact Gary Schwartz  or visit our website  for more information.

December 6:
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