September 9, 2021
A Message from Pastor Sell
Immediately the father of the child cried out and said, “I believe; help my unbelief!”  (Mark 9:24)
Are you a believer?

"Why of course." We will confess to the church and the world. However, it is hard to trust the Lord for everything, the big and the small. This lack of trust is very much the struggle of daily life with every believer. 

Yes, Christ paid for the daily sin of distrust. It's almost as if we keep getting distracted like a young child with so many shiny objects to look at and run after.  
During this past year, their have been some huge distractions, yet, the faithful people of God continued to march forward, trusting in the Lord's providence to get us through.

The great thing about Christ is that His mercy toward us doesn't get distracted. His forgiveness doesn't decide to come to us a different way. God's mercy falls to us from the heavens even while we so often don't trust, don't think He really forgives "that" much. 
We will waver daily and in our unbelief, even if it's for moments at a time, but the Lord doesn't waver. 

So we pray daily,
 “I believe; help my unbelief!” as well.
In Christ,
Pr. Mark Sell
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TEACHER AIDES – If you know of someone who would be interested in being a teacher’s aide, please have them contact Michelle Eggold at

EXTENDED SCHOOL CARE – The Extended School Care (ESC) program is hiring for the 2021-2022 school year. If you enjoy working with kids please contact the school office for more information. This is a great opportunity for someone that is looking for a part-time position during the school year. 

Prayer card and August newsletter

You can listen to us live at 10:30am on the radio on KFUO 850AM.

Confirmation Instruction
Junior Confirmation begins SEPTEMBER 12 9:15 - CHOIR LOFT OF THE CHURCH.

Any child 5th grade and up.

Please contact the church office to enroll your child or grandchild.
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Adult Confirmation begins SEPTEMBER 12  11:45 - CHOIR LOFT OF THE CHURCH.
DID YOU KNOW that every "memorial gifts" and "thanksgiving gifts" apart from our Sunday giving is separated out and designated to fix up and beautify the inside of our church? 

It is customary for believers to give an additional gift as a memorial gift when someone they know and love from the body of Christ enters their eternal reward to be with Jesus. Sometimes people will give a "Thanksgiving" gift for an anniversary, a birthday, a grandchild's baptism, wedding, or confirmation or just because of how the Lord blessed them this past week. 

These gifts are set aside an can only be used for those things that beautify and fix up our church and are always announced to the church. 

Thanks to the many "memorial" gifts we receive for funerals along with special "thanksgiving" gifts the funds for these churchly needs is already gathered. In other words, they are already paid for! 

THANKS BE TO GOD as He always provides for what His people need.
Window UPDATE - Thanks for your patience!

THANK YOU! We will soon place our order for our windows! Thank you to everyone who donated for the windows.

Covid and the Windows - As you yourself might have experienced, so many things are being hindered and delayed by the pandemic. This holds true for the manufacturing of the windows. As of this past week, we got word that the windows wouldn't be shipped until mid-December. Eric Binder, the vendor for the windows informed us that they can hold the windows as long as needed until we work out the schedule for the installation. Of course, that plan can't hatch until the windows are actually delivered. 

The next step is to pull together a small committee to work on the symbols/art for the stained glass windows.

Thanks for your patience.
Bring us your used ink cartridges! Small printer ink cartridges, like the ones for home printers, are collected at the church. You can bring them to the office or place them in the collection container in the narthex, on the coat rack shelf. The church receives a small donation for each cartridge we collect!
Sunday morning at 9:15am.

We will continue our study of the Book of John with the help of Dr. Armbrust

Meet in the fellowship hall or online
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Bible Study from Tuesday
Tuesday nights Dr. Armbrust will lead a Bible study on the book of

Join us on Zoom at 7pm.

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This is an ongoing program. We have a few envelopes on the table in the narthex for anyone who would like to order. All the profit goes toward the building fund principle. Cards are ordered on Mondays and available for pickup on Thursdays. For a complete list of cards that can be ordered visit ShopWithScrip | 700+ of your favorite brands
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