JULY 1, 2021
A Message from Pastor Sell
Happy 4th of July

Independence Day is an enjoyable day/weekend for families and friends. We get together and sometimes make our way to a firework show and do some grilling. 
What is the Fourth again? 
It's easy to forget how important this civil holiday really is. It celebrates July 4, 1776. The Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies were no longer subject (and subordinate) to the monarch of Britain under King George III. America's colonies were now united, free, and independent states. The Congress had voted to declare independence two days earlier, on July 2, but it was not declared until July 4. The Declaration of Independence was signed nearly a month after its adoption, on August 2, 1776?
The Fourth and the Church
For the church, this independence paved the way for the freedoms we enjoy in America. Unfortunately, those freedoms will always need to be fought for, through legislation, war, and politics. The church is free to pray to God regularly for wise and honorable civil authorities.
In spreading Christ's message of forgiveness, our civil freedom is something for which we give thanks to God. We are blessed to be able to freely and openly preach about His work to save us. We are free to gather and study HIs Word. We are free to move about. We are free to open schools and preach and teach within the school. Sometimes we forget about how free we are.

During this time of celebration, we also are reminded to give thanks to God for the blessings of these freedoms. The best freedom the church knows is the freedom from sin, death and the devil.
God's Word of the cross spells out the death of all human arrogance to earn salvation by our efforts. It announces the death of human control. In America, we are free to be in control over our lives, but God's Word announces the death of sinners to sin and their resurrection to new life in Christ. 

Our freedom to learn about Christ means the death of death itself. This announcement liberates humans from the threat of death and gives to us genuine human freedom. Once sinners trust the work of the cross, there can be no more wallowing in guilt. Freedom to live is bestowed on us through God’s own death. There is where we find our freedom that stretches beyond our life, our generation or the history of this world. The freedom in Christ's mercy and work restores our humanity to love. This freedom grows the love our community and world needs. A love that forgives. 
In Christ,
Pr. Mark Sell
Our Savior Lutheran School News
Sharing Christ's Love, Centered in God's Word
Fall School Registration is OPEN
Invite families you know who might be interested in excellent Christ- centered education to take a tour of our classrooms, meet our teachers, and see all that OSL has to offer. Just send them to this link: Enrollment Forms
Preschool 2’s Teacher Opening – If you know someone who has an early childhood associates or bachelor degree and is interested in teaching Preschool 2’s, please have them send their resume to Mrs. Eggold at meggold@oursaviorlcs.org.
Rainforest Explorers
Vacation Bible School
July 26-30
9:00 am – Noon
Church and school member children ages 2 – 6th grade
How can you help with VBS?
Pray for the leaders and helpers.
Pray for the kids that attend that God would work faith in their lives through hearing His Word.
Sign up to volunteer to be a leader or helper.
Take a tag from the donation board and return the item to church.
Pick up an envelope for a monetary donation to help with materials.

Do you have access to large cardboard boxes or large pieces of cardboard that we can use to make props?
Hello Fresh boxes
Brown packing paper (like the kind in amazon shipments)

Do you have things we can borrow?
Outdoor pop-up canopy without the fabric top
Green plastic tarps

Contact Myrna Baneck if you have questions.
Bring us your used ink cartridges! Small printer ink cartridges, like the ones for home printers, are collected at the church. You can bring them to the office or place them in the collection container in the narthex, on the coat rack shelf. The church receives a small donation for each cartridge we collect!
Matching Gift Opportunity

Dollar for Dollar Up to $10,000

New Windows and Interior Stained Glass 


We assist in promoting and encouraging the progress of Our Savior Lutheran School. We have an annual appreciation luncheon for the teachers of Our Savior and their staff, and provide them with a gift card. We encourage and support the mission of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League. We further Christian fellowship, by becoming a "Secret Pal" to the students who are preparing to be confirmed into Our Savior Lutheran Church. We cooperate with other organizations within the congregation in the furtherance of Christian endeavors. We have assisted with Sausage and Chicken dinners and provided hand-made items for our bizarre. We have had pie sales, baked good sales, purse sales, and jewelry sales, and we use money earned towards gift items for our Secret Pal program, Our Savior teachers and their staff, Seminary students, and a much-needed church items.

We welcome ladies of the congregation to join us on the second Thursday of the month. Contact Jan Rogers, Sandy Graves or Gert Vieth if you have any questions.
Sunday morning at 9:15am.

We will continue our study of the Book of John with the help of Dr. Armbrust

Meet in the fellowship hall or online
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Meeting ID: 588 101 866

Tuesday Bible Study
Tuesday nights Dr. Armbrust will lead a Bible study on the book of

Join us on Zoom at 7pm.

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Meeting ID: 613691239

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This is an ongoing program. We have a few envelopes on the table in the narthex for anyone who would like to order. All the profit goes toward the building fund principle. Cards are ordered on Mondays and available for pickup on Thursdays. For a complete list of cards that can be ordered visit ShopWithScrip | 700+ of your favorite brands
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Daily Reflections are provided by Higher Things. www.higherthings.org
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