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We embrace the teaching of Jesus to love one another as we are first loved by God: wholly and abundantly. We want all people to know that they are worthy of God's unconditional love and grace.
Whoever you are- we want you here.
Whatever your gender identity- we want you here.
Wherever you're from- we want you here.
Whatever your status- we want you here.
Whatever your sexual orientation- we want you here.
Whomever you love- we want you here.
Whatever you look like- we want you here.
Whatever your abilities- we want you here.
Whatever you bring to Christ's table- we want you here.
You are wanted here.
As we all move forward with the work of being God's love for all people, we commit ourselves to making God's justice, healing, grace and inclusivity a reality in this congregation and throughout the world.
In compliance with physical distancing guidelines and recommendations from the Rocky Mountain Synod, the OSLC building will remain closed for the time being.
No one should access the building and staff will be working from home as much as possible.

In-person, outdoor worship will begin April 4 at 10:00 a.m. This worship will be live streamed and recorded for our YouTube channel.

The latest information about COVID-19 is available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and local authorities by visiting cdc.gov or coronavirus.utah.gov.

OSLC has established a series of criteria to help determine when it may be safe to re-open the building for worship and events. You can find this information at oslcslc.org.

Thank you to Rev. Reba Kolasch for leading worship and facilitating our sermon conversation on The Church and Criminal Justice: Hearing the Cries. Our criminal justice system in the US is complex and rife with injustice. How do we as followers of Jesus, one who himself was arrested and killed by the authorities and powers, view our incarceration system? This is a difficult topic, and one that we will not be able to fully engage in one Sunday. However, how we think about God’s unconditional love and forgiveness and the place of confession is most certainly at the heart of this issue, as well as what is the justice and mercy that God demands? There are not easy answers, but how we respond to our neighbor in need of justice and in need of forgiveness hangs in the balance.
I should return next week for worship! See you then!


Pastor Brigette
Multiple ways to connect with OSLC!
There are variety of opportunities to connect with your friends at OSLC. Take a look at the information below for worship and community information.

You can also call the office with any questions. The best way to reach us for any reason is by email at office@oslcslc.org or pastor@oslcslc.org. Or call Pastor Brigette.
In-Person Worship

In Person Outdoor Worship will begin April 4 at 10:00 AM, Easter Morning! Bring your communion elements (bread and juice) and a mask. We will have a modified (no singing) worship with instrumental music, including our Chimes Choir on Easter and other musicians.This will be our format going forward until we can be inside!

This worship will also be available live and recorded on our YouTube channel. In case of inclement weather we will send an email alert and livestream worship from the sanctuary directly to YouTube. Online bulletins are available at oslcslc.org to help you follow along with the service.

OSLC Meetings via ZOOM
There are multiple opportunities for people of all ages to connect with OSLC friends using Zoom teleconferencing! You can also join Zoom conferences by telephone. Click here for a full list with connection details, or click on the links in the calendar below.

Prayer Request Opportunities
We are a vibrant community of prayer that encourages opportunities to share prayer requests with each other!
  • Prayers of the People: Click here or email pastor@oslcslc.org by 12:00 PM on Friday if you would like a prayer read during online worship.

  • OSLC Prayer Chain: Email office@oslcslc.org or call (801) 278-1412 during regular office hours.

  • Urgent prayer requests: If you desire immediate prayer support, please contact your friends or small group. You may also text or call Connie (801) 558-6158 or Cathy (801) 557-2032 to contact appropriate pray-ers.

(Permission should be received beforehand from prayer recipients.)

 Please pray this week for:

Denny, Katsy, Alan, Charmaine, Janice, Adam, Betty, Pat, Evelyn, John,
Marty, James, Sam, Zoe, Lisa, Kathy, Phil, Sharon, Margaret, Melanie, Karen
Stephen Ministers & Visiting Angels

OSLC has Stephen Ministers and Visiting Angels available to offer a listening ear, share a prayer, or engage in friendly conversation.

Contact Connie at (801) 558-6158, or Cathy (801) 557-2032 if you would like to receive a phone call.
Stephen Leaders:

Connie Degn
(801) 558-6158

Cathy Ricci
(801) 557-2032

Pastor Brigette
(720) 202-8212
Upcoming Events
OSLC Calendar: April 21 - May 2, 2021

* Online via zoom.us/join. Click here for a video tutorial on joining a Zoom meeting.
Full information for each online meeting can be found at oslcslc.org.
  • Pastor Brigette Out April 7-25
Wednesday, April 21

Thursday, April 22
7:00 PM OSLC Choir Meet-Up (Contact Judy England for details.)*

Friday, April 23

Saturday, April 24

Sunday, April 25
8:30 AM Sunday Adult Education (Meeting ID: 835 9769 0693, Pass: 103179)*
10:00 In-Person Outdoor Worship (Visit the OSLC YouTube page for streamed video.)
12:30 PM Stephen Ministry Supervisory Meeting (Meeting ID: 85646519272, Pass: 729573)*

Monday, April 26
9:00 AM Staff Meeting*
1:30 PM Monday Bible Study (Meeting ID: 734 218 050, Pass: 373710)*
7:00 PM Women’s Bible Study (Meeting ID: 86913230346, Pass: 169932)*
Tuesday, April 27
11:00 AM Utah Clergy Conference Meeting*
Wednesday, April 28
7:00 PM Southern Wilderness Alliance Presentation (Meeting ID: 89519291697)*
Thursday, April 29

Friday, April 30

Saturday, May 1

Sunday, May 2
8:30 AM Sunday Adult Education (Meeting ID: 835 9769 0693, Pass: 103179)*
10:00 In-Person Outdoor Worship (Visit the OSLC YouTube page for streamed video.)
12:30 PM OSLC Executive Council Meeting*
April Birthdays
Katie Entzel
Doni Ricci
Ray Hsia
Joan Block
Dan Barrell
Betty Dickinson
Mike Weier
April 11
April 19
April 20
April 25
April 27
April 27
April 30
OSLC Announcements
Enews Article submissions must be made by 12:00 PM each Tuesday for the Wednesday publication. Announcements should be short, include a contact for more information, and will run for two weeks unless otherwise specified.
*NEW* Pastor Brigette Medical Leave

Dear OSLC Friends, thank you so much for your prayers, love and care over the last couple of weeks! The lovely cards, texts, emails, meals, flowers, treats have all contributed to my rapid healing. I am blessed by all of you! I look forward to being with you all again very soon. I hold you all in prayer and I have enjoyed worshiping with you on YouTube the last two weeks.

I have been on medical leave since April 7 and I am returning in a part-time capacity for the next few weeks beginning Monday April 26. What that will mean is that I will work from home mostly, limit my hours to about 20 a week, and prioritize worship, pastoral care and any urgent needs. I may not return your email or text as quickly as I normally might. I anticipate returning full-time May 25, after Memorial Day. I may return full-time a bit earlier, but it will depend on how my recovery progresses. Thank you all again!

Pastor Brigette
*NEW* United Today, Stronger Tomorrow Survey

I am collaborating with United Today, Stronger Tomorrow, a community organizing coalition gathering input on economic recovery priorities to ensure Utah emerges from the pandemic stronger, healthier, and more vibrant for all of us. Along with myself, the United Methodist Church, Episcopalian Diocese, and several other interfaith and secular communities are on the organizing team. As people of faith we are commanded by Jesus to love our neighbor and care for creation. This is an opportunity to have our perspectives considered. Our faith, voice, and action in the public square is vital for the vision and mission of God for love, mercy, hope and wholeness to be fully realized. 

You may have seen the Op Ed in the Salt Lake Tribune on April 4. How should Utah spend the 1.6 billion dollars coming from the American Rescue Plan? You have an opportunity to make your voice heard by participating in a short by May 2.
Click here to access the survey. You will be asked to enter your name and contact info though the information will only be used for reporting purposes.
This survey will be followed by a town hall meeting at 6:00 p.m. on May 5 to communicate the results via Zoom. We hope members of our state legislature and other local elected officials will join us for the discussion. You can join the meeting here.
In this Easter season, we proclaim a new life, a new world is not only possible but is here. May it truly be so!
In Christ,
Pastor Brigette
*NEW* OSLC Rocky Mountain Synod Assembly Representatives

Pastor Brigette, Melinda Rogers and Steven Namburi will be representing OSLC at the Rocky Mountain Synod Assembly April 29-May 1. Please hold the assembly, the gospel work, and the participants in prayer. 
*NEW* UPF invitation to join the 55th Interfaith Prayer

The 55th Interfaith Prayer for the Nation and the World this Thursday, April 22, 2021, from 1:00 pm Eastern Time (11:00 am MST). Two representatives from SLIR will be offering prayers, Rabbi Alan Bachman and Rev. Dr. Leslie Whited.

Click here to join via Zoom (Password: iapd)
*NEW* Global Day of Prayer
In-Person Outdoor Worship Guidelines

What to expect at OSLC worship on the lawn:

We had a wonderful, meaningful and safe Easter Sunday! It was a joy to see as many people as we did! You might be wondering how worship will happen going forward and what to expect. Here's a brief run down:

  • Please bring your own chair (if you need one from church please let us know in advance.)
  • Please wear a mask, practice social distancing and good sanitation. Masks, wipes and hand sanitizer are available.
  • Please bring your own Holy Communion elements. If the wine or grape juice is problematic, receiving only bread/crackers is just fine! Consider buying small juice boxes to bring!
  • Bulletins are available but can also be downloaded to your device at oslcslc.org under the worship tab.
  • We will be live streaming to YouTube!
  • We will have instrumental music. Singing will wait for the time being.
  • We will have a "young friends" time (aka children's time)
  • If it is raining/snowing we will not meet outside but the pastor, musicians and audio/video crew will live stream from the sanctuary. Others will not be allowed in for now.
  • The building remains closed, please do not enter unless you are a worship leader. However, restrooms are available if needed.
  • Please check your email/social media for updates!

Pastor Brigette will be out April 7-25 due to a minor surgery. She will return part-time for three weeks from April 26-May 17. While she is out in April, if you have a pastoral emergency, please contact Darren in the office (801) 278-1412 to be connected to a pastoral colleague. Supply preachers for April 11, 18 and 25 will lead worship. We will still meet outside on the west lawn. Prayers are appreciated!
Worship Leader Coordinator needed!

Do you enjoy helping people use their gifts? Then Worship Leader Coordinator is for you! We need someone to help us find readers, ushers, prayer leaders, etc. each week. We are scheduled through April 25 currently. Contact Pr. Brigette in
a few weeks if you are interested!
Easter Season Worship Series: Faith in Public Life

We will be pairing an ELCA Social Statement or Social Message with the reading from Acts each Sunday in the season of Easter. As part of worship, we will have time to discuss in small groups how our faith informs and matters in our daily lives. The conversations will be family friendly and open to all perspectives. If you would like to read the social statement or message ahead of time, please see the date and the link below.

(Rev. Brian Diggs, Executive Director for Family Promise SLC)

Parish Life Volunteers Needed

Our Parish Life committee needs a few willing people to participate on our committee. You would join Deb Luker council liaison and Alisa Rakow, chair in planning events, activities etc. We would meet about 4 times per year. There are always many willing hearts and hands to assist with our PL needs, you would not be
required to do all of the work. 
Deb Luker is in the process of updating the contact list for people who are willing to assist with parish life activities. Some of these activities include, church socials, food preparation, deliveries, set up / clean up, funeral luncheons, holiday celebrations. 

We need experienced, inexperienced, old and young so if you are willing to be on that email or contact list, please contact Deb at debluker@gmail.com. (She will never ask for money, your bank account or SS# information!!!!)
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance Presentation

OSLC will be hosting a presentation from the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance on April 28 at 7:00 PM. We hope to virtually see you there. Be sure to invite a friend!

Spanning craggy mountain peaks in the Basin and Range province, the high plateaus and deeply incised mesas of Utah’s central uplands, and the world-famous redrock canyon country of the Colorado Plateau, the lands proposed for wilderness designation in America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act have long been recognized as some of the most extraordinary wild landscapes on the planet.

There are many reasons to protect these lands: their stunning beauty, astonishing abundance of archaeological and Native American ancestral sites, world-class recreational opportunities, and important ecological values. This makes it our moral and spiritual duty to protect these lands for the benefit of all living, including future generations.
Click here to join the meeting.
OSLC Playground Project Update

At our Sunday, April 11, OSLC outside service, Jay Knuth shared an update on the PLAYGROUND PROJECT. For those who may have missed the short presentation, he offers these notes on the project:

"Good morning! I have been asked to provide a progress report for our planned playground, which is for our youth and the neighborhood. The location will be on the WEST LAWN in the NORTHWEST CORNER and is about 53 feet by 44 feet.
The selection of the equipment is nearly made. Cost, in round numbers, is $50,000 - Half of which ($25,000) is for the equipment itself. The other [half] is for the excavation of the soil 14" deep, curbing, wood fiber, freight and the install expense. We have on hand and firm pledges of $45,000, leaving a balance of $5,000. Before starting we need to have all the funds in hand. If you are able to help with this endeavor, please make your donation to "THE PLAYGROUND FUND" at OUR SAVIOUR'S. "
Senior Spotlight: Shirley Geary

Shirley has lived in Utah since 1968. Shirley and her family moved here from the East Coast. due to her husband's work transfer.

Q: Where were you born?

Shirley was born in a coastal town in Massachusetts. Shirley enjoyed swimming, boating and all the fresh seafood.

Q: Before retirement, how did you spend your time?

Before retirement, Shirley and her family loved to travel to the national parks throughout the Western part of the US, California, Oregon, Washington in their RV motorhome. Shirley loved it because it was so different from the East Coast.
Shirley taught fourth through sixth grade for 23 years. She enjoyed all of her teaching in her career.

Q: What’s one fact that people are always surprised to learn about you?

Shirley loved to do puzzles as a child with her mother.

Q: How did you find OSLC? How long have you been a member? What do you love about the community here?

In 1990, Shirley and her daughter were driving up 3900 S, and found OSLC. They went to a Sunday Service and loved the warm welcome they received. Shirley soon after that became a member in 1990.

Q: You’ve been a long time attendee of the senior luncheons. What do you enjoy about this activity?

Shirley enjoys the fellowship and socializing with other seniors. Shirley sits at a different table each month to get to know everyone. She said the programs are amazing and the food is delicious.

Q: How have you kept in touch with family and friends during this unusual COVID-19 pandemic? What has kept you going during quarantine? Have you picked up any new hobbies or spent your time in new and different ways?

Shirley keeps in touch with her children and grandchildren as they live locally. Shirley keeps in touch with friends with phone calls. What's different is using Zoom for WELCA, Bible Study, Two Book Clubs and puzzles on her Ipad, and doing blankets for Project Linus in her home. What keeps Shirley going is to be able to be in contact with people and the support from OSLC, and the Parish life committee with all the special things they did over the past year.
Giving & Service Opportunities

OSLC COVID 19 Community Support Initiative

We are supporting our Salt Lake City community in this time of pandemic through our Community Support Initiative. Click here for more information on oslcslc.org.
Millcreek Elementary Partnership

Mill Creek Elementary supports a diverse, multi-ethnic population of 350 students (35% Latinx, 30% white, 35% other ethnicity) speaking 24 different languages and dialects. 60% of the students are on free or reduced lunch and the pantry at Mill Creek Elementary feeds 40-50 families each week. Due to state budget constraints, Mill Creek Elementary does not receive any subsidized funding for assistance feeding the children.

Pastor Brigette met with Principal Ann Kane last week and we are excited to support one another! Here are some of the ways you can be involved:

Read to the children!

They are looking for reading buddies over Zoom!
Contact Sarah Waddoups at swaddoups@graniteschools.org or (385) 646-4912.

Stock the food pantry!

Most needed items:

Canned fruit
Canned vegetables
Ranch Dressing (Yes really! Kids love it!)
Peanut butter
Healthy cereal
New coats
New clothes
New shoes/boots
Thank you for your care and generosity! There will be additional opportunities to volunteer at the school as well once we can be in person. For more information contact Pastor Brigette (pastor@oslcslc.org).
OSLC Social Ministry: Road Home Assistance

OSCL is focusing on Homelessness this year. Did you know…

One way to help is to volunteer or donate to the Road Home which assists individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Salt Lake County and along the Wasatch Front. Information can be found at theroadhome.org

There are many needs. Please see the link below, browse the website for ideas, or Click on the "Give" or "In-kind donations". There you can find a list of current needs and addresses of the 3 shelters. They take slightly used items. If you are unable to deliver items contact Arleen Barrell at (801) 694-1283.

Crossroads is operating with limited hours and locations to protect the safety of the community. Masks are required and available at both locations.
We still need food donations, particularly nonperishable food items that do not require cooking since most of the people we are serving during this crisis are homeless. To learn how to safely make a donation call (801) 364-7765, Monday-Friday between 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM.
Downtown Food Pantry
9:00 AM-3:00 PM
347 South 400 East, SLC 84111
Drop-in. All services provided outside.

Westside Food Pantry
Tuesday & Thursday
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
1358 West Indiana Avenue, SLC 84104
Drop-in. All services provided outside.

Crossroads Thrift Store
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM
1358 West Indiana Avenue, SLC 84104
Limited number of people allowed in building simultaneously.

The Coalition of Religious Communities

St. Paul wrote to the church at Corinth:

"See, now is the acceptable time; see, now is the day of salvation!" (NRSV)

And now is the time for our caring community at OSLC to show we care about those experiencing homelessness.

The Coalition of Religious Communities (CORC) -- a social advocacy project of Crossroads Urban Center -- offers that opportunity during the 2021 Utah Legislature Session. CORC has weekly "Hunger & Homelessness Updates" and many other opportunities to learn and have our voices heard by elected officials about hunger and homelessness in Utah. "God's Work - Our Hands"... And Voices!

More information at:

There are a variety of ways to donate food or make monetary contributions to the Utah Food Bank:

1.   Drop off food at the Utah Food Bank:
3150 South 900 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
(East side of building.)
8:00 AM -6:00 PM 
8:00 AM -5:00 PM

8:00 AM -2:00 PM 
2.   Drop off your donations at Harmons Grocery stores:
Harmons stores have a drop-off barrel at the entrance. Click here for a list of locations. 
3.    Donate money or cash directly to the Utah Food Bank:
For every $1 donated, $7.66 of food or services are provided. To donate online, click the "Donate Now" button on the right side of the page or select "Give Money".  
4.    Virtual Shopping:
You can virtually shop for items to donate at utahfoodbank.org. Click "Give Food", scroll down to the section titled "Virtual Food Drive" and click "Get Started". 
Click the red "Donate" button on the right of the screen, then "Browse Store" on the next page. Add the items you would like to donate to your shopping cart and click "Check Out" to complete your donation.

You're also welcome to bring your food items to OSLC and it will be dropped
off at the Utah Food Bank when sufficient quantity has been collected.    
Contact office@oslcslc.org with any questions. 

You can also contact the Utah Food bank Food Drive Specialist directly at
(801) 887-1266 or fooddrive@utahfoodbank.org
The project is still in full swing. No, we don't meet for blanket making day. Yes, we do make blankets constantly and we are ready to distribute 175 blankets next week to those children who need a blanket hug (even though we can't physically be close to them).  
Blanketeers have been busy working at home. I have been shopping on-line for materials that have been delivered. I have been dropping off fabric and yarn to my workers' front porches and have been picking up finished blankets from their porches. We are careful not to be too close physically - but are in touch regularly.
The work goes on!
~ Millie

What can you do to support and contribute to Project Linus? Our volunteers hand-make new blankets for children from birth to 18 years old. The blankets are given to children who are ill, or in other ways need of a security blanket hug. Blankets can be flannel, fleece crochet edges, quilts, knit, crochet, or fleece fringe (made by specific pattern). Child friendly patterns and colors are preferred. Also, cash donations can be made directly to OSLC. To find out what to contribute and see blanket patterns visit slcprojectlinus.blogspot.com
Please collect the "pop-tops" from cans and save them at home. When the church re-opens, they can be added to the jar in the Round Room. Dorothy Purdie will then take them to the Ronald McDonald House .
Contact us at office@oslcslc.org or (801) 278-1412