Village & Town Information
The Village of Ossining is committed to share up-to-date and relative information regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. In our weekly web blasts you will find this section dedicated to new information. For previously shared information, please visit the Village of Ossining's dedicated Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) page.
Helpful Information from New York State
Central New York is the fifth region to begin reopening Friday, May 15th. Along with the Finger Lakes, Southern Tier, the North Country and Mohawk Valley, this region has met all seven metrics required to begin phase one of the state's regional phased reopening plan. Phase one includes reopening construction, manufacturing, retail for curbside and in-store pickup, agriculture, forestry and fishing.

The MTA has received a crucial injection of $3.9 billion in federal funds. President Trump expedited the distribution following Governor Cuomo’s request. This funding is critical for the transportation agency, which is cleaning subways every 24 hours and continuing the service that essential workers rely on to get to their jobs, even as they face a massive drop in overall ridership.

Phase 1 businesses must follow specific guidelines. For example, for retail stores, customers must order ahead for curbside or in-store pickup, and social distancing is required inside the store. For construction, masks must be worn within 6 feet of another worker and employers must provide masks. Business owners can see the detailed industry-by-industry requirements hereEvery business is required to develop a written plan using a template provided by the state that puts the safety of their customers and employees first.

What happens next? For regions that have begun reopening, Phase 2 will begin after a two-week period, as long as the health data show the region can enter the new phase safely. Phase 2 will allow even more businesses to reopen, including professional services, hair salons and barber shops, more retail stores, administrative support and real estate businesses.

State beaches will be open Memorial Day weekend. In coordination with the governors of New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware, New York State beaches will reopen with restrictions in place effective Friday, May 22. The restrictions include reducing the number of people allowed and ensuring there are enough staff present to enforce social distancing. Local beaches and lakeshores may also open next Friday if they follow the same safety precautions.
Remember to respond to the Census. Every New Yorker can respond to the Census online and it's important that everyone takes the time to do so. Right now, less than 55 percent of New Yorkers have responded — we need to do better. Filling in the Census form is safe, easy and can be done in just a few minutes. Let's make sure every New Yorker is counted. Complete the Census today at my2020census.gov.

Horse racing tracks across the state and Watkins Glen International Racetrack will be allowed to open without fans as of June 1st. The state will issue guidance on how they can safely reopen in the coming week.
Westchester and Suffolk Counties are now eligible to resume elective surgeries and ambulatory care. Elective outpatient treatments can resume in counties and hospitals without a significant risk of COVID-19 surge in the near term, and a total of 49 counties have now been cleared to offer elective surgeries.
There are over 700 locations where New Yorkers can get diagnostic testing. New Yorkers can visit a new website — coronavirus.health.ny.gov/find-test-site-near-you — and enter their address to view a list and a map view of the nearest testing sites. The state has also partnered with Google Maps to display testing site results. New Yorkers can search "COVID testing near me" on Google Maps to easily find the nearest testing sites. Please remember you must always schedule an appointment to get a COVID-19 diagnostic test by calling 1-888-364-3065 or your healthcare provider.
New York State is partnering with CVS to bring testing to more than 60 CVS pharmacies across the state. Each site will be able to conduct 50 or more tests per day.

A reminder that there are mental health resources available to those who need it. The past few months have been hard for everyone. If you need emotional support, call the New York State Emotional Support Hotline at 1-844-863-9314 to schedule a free appointment with a mental health professional. New Yorkers can access additional mental health resources at headspace.com/ny.

Governor Cuomo encourages major sports teams to plan to reopen without fans. New York State is ready and willing to partner with teams from any professional leagues that are interested in playing games safely, so fans can enjoy watching from home. If our teams — hockey, baseball, basketball, football or any others — can make it work safely for players and staff on their end, we're supportive.

New York is bringing in international experts to help advise our reopening plan. The stakes are high, and expert, scientific opinion is far more valuable than political opinion. Dr. Michael T. Osterhold, Direct of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, and Dr. Samir Bhatt, Senior Lecturer at Imperial College London, will work with the state to provide technical advice and analyze data/metrics throughout our reopening process and help track progress.

Free mental health resources are available from Headspace. The company Headspace is offering free meditation and mindfulness exercises to educators, health care professionals, and New Yorkers who are out of work. (If you are unemployed, you can get a free one-year subscription to the Headspace app). Free curated content available for all New Yorkers continues to be available at headspace.com/ny.

New York is starting a two-week hospital visitation pilot program. The program will take place in 16 hospitals across the state and allow increased visitations for family members and loved ones. Visits will be time limited and visitors will be provided and must wear PPE and are subject to symptom and temperature checks. This pilot program will shed light on whether we can safely allow increased visits in hospitals.

When a vaccine is developed, it must be available to all. Governor Cuomo is calling on the FDA to take steps now to make sure that pharmaceutical corporations that produce a COVID-19 vaccine release the rights to enable immediate widespread distribution and help ensure the vaccine is available to all individuals — not just the rich and those with access.

The Belmont Stake will take place on June 20, without fans. Traditionally, the Long Island horse race is the last leg in the Triple Crown, following the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. This year, for the first time in history, the Belmont will be first. Earlier this week, Governor Cuomo announced that horse racing tracks could open without fans and the state will issue guidance on how they can safely reopen in the coming week.

The results of the state's antibody testing survey highlight the reality of the racial and economic disparities of Coronavirus. The results of the antibody surveys conducted in lower-income New York City communities and communities of color found that 27 percent of the people tested were positive for COVID-19 antibodies — significantly higher than the 19.9 percent of New York City's overall population who have those antibodies. The data was collected from approximately 8,000 individuals and shows high positive rates and continued high community spread in lower-income neighborhoods in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens.

Starting today, May 21st, religious gatherings of no more than 10 people will be allowed statewide. Social distancing measures must be enforced and all participants must wear masks. Additionally, drive-in and parking lot services will be permitted. The state is convening an Interfaith Advisory Council to discuss proposals to safely bring back religious services.

Following a spike in domestic violence during the COVID pandemic, Secretary to the Governor Melissa DeRosa announced the creation of a new task force to find innovative solutions to this crisis. The task force will identify solutions to help domestic violence survivors, with the specific goal of looking beyond the traditional ways that services have been provided in the past. The group will make recommendations by Thursday, May 28th.
Any New Yorker who sees excessively priced consumer goods and services that are used primarily for personal, family or household purposes to prevent or respond to the Covid-19 virus should file a complaint with the New York State Division of Consumer Protection.

Consumer hotline +1 800-697-1220
What is the Village of Ossining doing?
The Village of Ossining is paying close attention to the situation in New York, the country, and around the world. We are closely collaborating, planning, and coordinating with the Town of Ossining and local non-profits.

Staff is regularly participating in conference calls with Westchester County and the State of New York to receive regular updates from both agencies.

We are working in conjunction with Feeding Westchester to set up mobile food pantries for various days and times in walkable areas in the Village to distribute bags of food to our neighbors in need. Our Community Center has been converted into a hub for staff to pack what is to be distributed.
What can you do?
As many of you know, our local food pantries and non-profits have been coming together to ensure our community does not go hungry. We can’t thank these organizations enough for all their help. Below you will find links to our local non-profits that have been working in partnership with the Village of Ossining to distribute food to people who need it. If you would like to provide donations or volunteer support we encourage you to do so*.

These efforts will continue through this COVID-19 pandemic and thereafter. We are proud to say that many of our local restaurants are also taking donations toward providing meals to those in the community that cannot leave their homes. We will be including this information in a section of our Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) web page.

Please send emails to webblast@villageofossining.org if you know of any other Ossining based agencies that are providing food during this time so that we can add them to this list.

We appreciate your commitment to our community.
Tri-State Mask Makers are creating masks for those in need - healthcare workers to neighbors in nursing home.

Your donation will allow many sewists to continue with their work of love.
The Ossining Micro Fund is a non-profit organization offering interest-free loans to individuals and families who encounter unexpected financial obstacles. Our philosophy is to “pay it forward” – when a loan recipient repays a loan, the money becomes available to help another person in need. Click here for information .
GoFundMe for people who want to make smaller donations to collectively send meals.
Our Phelps Hospital family is deeply moved by all of the offers of help we have received from community members. Thank you. One way you can help is to take care of those on the front lines of the COVID-19 response. Let's come together to support the team at Phelps Hospital. By ordering a delivery from a local restaurant, we'll help support our local businesses while providing nourishing, comforting food to our front-line caregivers. Having the support of the community will mean so much to them and will help keep them going during this marathon. Please consider supporting however you can. Our doctors, nurses, techs, respiratory therapists, radiologic technologists, case managers, security officers, and teams in food and nutrition, emergency management, environmental services, facility management, and more are all critical parts of our Phelps family. To a person, they are committed to ensuring we may continue to serve all those who entrust their care to us during these challenging times.
A Meal Train is active for Ossining Volunteer Ambulance Corps. mealtrain.com simplifies the process of giving and receiving meals and more.
*The Village makes no representation that donations are tax deductible. You should always check with your tax professional
How To Adopt A Dog During Quarantine & Gain A Forever Friend
Learn how to adopt a dog during quarantine and pass the time with a playful, cuddle-loving pup.

When a person decides it's time to adopt a dog, they usually fall into one of two categories: They become so excited about the prospect of never-ending puppy snuggles they assume the entire process will be a cakewalk, or they're so nervous and anxious they descend down a rabbit hole of Google searches and read a plethora of " how to foster a pet during quarantine" guides.

In reality, adopting a dog is a little bit of both: You're excited, and scared, and nervous, and can't wait to have a furry friend to cuddle and play with. And now that a large number of Americans are continuing to sheltering-in-place to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, more and more people are adopting pets and expanding their families, one little fluff at a time. But there will always be dogs who need homes, even in the midst of a global pandemic. And while things are particularly stressful these days, taking the time to properly research the ups and downs of adopting a dog can help you feel prepared to welcome a new pet into the fold.

So whether you’re worried about finding the right dog, figuring out how to adopt a dog while practicing social distancing, or making sure your new furry family member adjusts to the intricacies of your home, below are some good tips, pointers, and reminders to go over before signing those adoption papers and bringing your new pup home. And even if this isn’t your first time adopting, these expert-approved recommendations are sure to come in handy now.

Research different types of dogs beforehand.
Before you ever set foot in a shelter (virtually or otherwise!) it’s a good idea to do a little research into what type of dog will do best given your lifestyle and family, Dr. Shelly Zacharias, DVM, MS, VPM, BCMAS and Vice President at Gallant, a biotech company that develops regenerative therapies using a pet’s natural biology, tells Woman's Day.

“Things to think about include your energy level, do you stay inside and watch movies a lot or are you going on hikes and to parks often? Do you share your home with children, elderly, or other pets? Pets are a very long-term commitment (or should be) so think about what your future holds," she says. "For example, are you moving, getting married, retiring, having kids? How tolerant are you of things such as shedding, slobber, etc? These are just a few of the things to think about to make sure your pet fits in well with you and your life."

Start a pet-specific savings account.
Another thing to consider when you’re thinking about adopting a dog is the cost associated with a dog. The adoption fee itself is one thing, but there are also all the other costs associated with having a pet. This includes boarding fees, food fees, vet fees, and more.

Start a savings account only for pet-related expenses before getting a dog, so there is money to properly care for him/her and in case an emergency happens." Zacharias suggests. "A pet brings a lot of joy, responsibility, and a big financial responsibility which should be planned for as with any other financial decision. Too often I see clients spend thousands on a pet from a pet store then they do not want to or cannot afford to pay basic care for such as vaccines and heartworm prevention, not to mention unexpected illness. This is a consideration that should be at the top of the planning list."

In case you weren’t sure just how much you have to save, Jordan Karcher, founder of Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co, tells Woman's Day that, "on average, you could expect to spend between $1,000 and $1,200 in the first year alone." Many of these costs are not recurring, i.e. one-time spaying or neutering procedures, a collar and leash set, a license, and microchipping. But there are also the annual costs to consider as well, including pet food, toys, and other treats.

"We suggest setting aside an emergency fund of $1,000 to $2,000 as you never know when you’ll have that unexpected vet visit," Karsher says. "No one wants to be in a situation where you have to choose between the health of your pet and paying for your rent [or] mortgage that month. It can also prove effective to budget out your finances month to month to ensure you really can cover the additional cost of a pet before adopting."

Do some home prep before pup arrives.
Steve Ball, CEO of Zesty Paws, a pet supplement and grooming products company, tells Woman's Day that another important step before adopting a dog is to assess and prepare your home.

“You must prepare your home before bringing in your new furry friend. Make sure any valuable or breakable items are out of reach,” Ball says. “If the dog isn’t potty trained, remove any rugs (if applicable) until they are trained to avoid any damage.”

Look for the pet you have chemistry with.
If you do physically visit a shelter, Ball suggests making sure you bring everyone who will be around the dog on a daily basis and to look for chemistry between everyone and the dog (if it is safe and you can practice social distancing, of course). If you're meeting your potential future pup via Skype or another online service, make sure you still include the people who will be around the pup frequently -- just like Zoom birthday parties, weddings, and graduations, you can absolutely pick the perfect pup online.

“Pay attention to the dogs’ body language and energy level to ensure they match yours,” Ball says. “It’s OK for dogs to feel shy or skittish at first when brought out of their kennel to meet you.”

Be prepared to work through an adjustment period.
Whether you adopt a puppy or an adult dog, there’s going to be an adjustment period where your new pet gets used to your family and your home, and visa versa. Be sure to take some time off from working at home (or, if you're an essential worker, working outside the home) to make sure you’re there as your new family member adjusts to its surroundings.

“After the adoption, take some time off to bond with your new friend! It’s normal for them to have upset tummies and accidents, as they’re getting used to a new environment,” Ball says.

Involve The Whole Family
From beginning to end, the adoption process should be something that involves each and every member of your family, Dr. Amanda Landis-Hanna, DVM, senior manager of veterinary outreach at PetSmart Charities, tells Woman's Day.

“Involve the whole family in the adoption conversation. Will kids be responsible for feeding the new 'roommate'? Do your current pets (if any) tolerate other animals OK? The new dog is a big change for everyone, so allow everyone to weigh in, and suggest how they would like to help care for him/her,” Landis-Hanna says.

Schedule regular vet appointments (if you can).
As soon as you get your new dog, you’re going to want to set up regular vet appointments (if this is possible and you can do so while continuing to practice social distancing). This way you can make sure they are their healthiest and you’ll know have a go-to doctor should the animal ever need any medical attention.

“Establish a regular provider for vaccinations, check-ups and grooming needs. You will be responsible for all care of your pet,” Landis-Hanna says. “Consider financial planning options, including pet insurance, wellness plans, or payment plans; the longer you wait the more likely your pet is to have a pre-existing condition.”

Be prepared to continuously assess your dog's nutrition.
Every dog needs to eat something slightly different, based on their specific medical issues, size, and age. Landis-Hanna suggests checking your dog’s diet right away and getting things on the right track.

“Consult your veterinarian on any changes to your pet’s food, and always accurately measure your pet’s food vs. eyeballing it," she says.

Choose a reliable emergency contact.
Finally, Landis-Hanna says it’s an important step to establish an emergency contact should your pet ever need another human to take care of it for whatever reason.

Select an emergency hospital appropriate for your species of pet, and put the name, phone number and address where it is easily found, and share it with your pet’s emergency contact,” she explains
The Ossining Recreation & Parks Department has many great upcoming Special Events and program offerings that are now open for registration.
Password for all WIFI Networks: 
Grab & Go Breakfast and Lunch Program-Grab & Go Breakfast & Lunch will just take place at Park School from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Please contact Alita Zuber at  azuber@ossiningufsd.org or Starr Dinio at  sdinio@ossiningufsd.org with any questions. Thank you.
Ossining Public Library is closed until further notice. Readers can still access their Digital Library services such as e-books here. No late fines are being charged, and due dates are also being automatically extended.
Upcoming Programs in the Village and Town of Ossining
Ossining’s Down to Earth Farmers Market will be open regular hours this Saturday
What: See the full vendor schedule at downtoearthmarkets.com
When: Saturday from 9AM-1PM through April
Where: Near Market Square at the corner of Spring & Main Streets, Ossining, NY
Don't miss Ossining Village Trustee Omar Lopez's podcast - "Omar Lopez Talks to the People"
What: Every Sunday, Ossining Village Trustee Omar Lopez releases a new podcast covering local issues and interviewing officials and community members. From improving parking to legalizing backyard chickens, no issue is to too large or small.
When: New episodes available every Sunday
Free parking at Teatown until further notice - Parking fees at Teatown have been discontinued until further notice.
Please park safely in designated parking lots and not along public roadways.
Ossining’s Museum in the Streets (MITS)
What: MITS is a free, self-guided walking tour and consists of 25 numbered panels with images and explanatory text about the architecturally and historically significant buildings within the Downtown Ossining Historic District.
When: On a 24/7 basis
Where: The tour starting point is located on the north side of the Ossining Open Door Medical Center at 247 Main St. in Downtown Ossining. However visitors one can also begin at any of the numbered panels and take as few or as many panels as desired.
Contact: miguel.hdz@verizon.net for further information
St. Matthews Headstart Daycare Early Headstart & Headstart Program
What: High quality research based curriculum, screenings and services to support healthy development and promote school readiness; family support, nutrition, guidance and access to community resources.
Hours: Head Start Hours 9:00 – 3:00pm/Daycare Hours 7:00-9:00am & 3:00-6:00pm
Info: Income Eligible Click here for flyer
Contact: For more information contact St. Matthew’s at 914-941-1715
Green Ossining Launches ‘Green Ossining Sustainability Partnership
Theater O Classes!
What: Theater O offers classes in all things theater for children ages 3+:  From Acting to directing, play writing to design, Improv! to Musical Theater and more. Our faculty is comprised of seasoned professionals who excel in their craft. Listen, Learn, Imagine, Perform & Join the Play. Middle School and Pre-K/K classes resume 12/2. Elementary Classes resume 1/13. High School Auditions are 12/6-8. visit www.theatero.org.
Where: Theater O @ 25 State St, Ossining, NY 10562
Contact: (914) 487-4322
What: Classical Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Theatre Dance and Mommy and Me
When: March 16th for CURRENT Students; March 30th for NEW students
Where: Logrea Dance Academy, 2 Dale Ave, Ossining NY 10562
Info: Beginner to Advanced training. Discounts available. Scholarship auditions in September.
Contact:  For more information or to REGISTER, please visit our website:   http://newsite.logreainfo.com or call us at 914-941-2939
Ossining Athletic Booster Club
What: The Ossining Athletic Booster Club is a not-for-profit volunteer organization established in 2001 to promote the athletic programs of the Ossining School District, recognize their achievements, and support Ossining's student-athletes and coaches by funding items not in the school budget and awarding scholarships to worthy graduating seniors of Ossining Athletic Booster Club members and donors.
What: Prepare with us for the TACHS – Test for Admissions to Catholic High Schools. This course will heavily concentrate on the Reading, Language, Mathematics and Reasoning skills covered on the TACHS Examination. During class, students will practice timing, test taking strategies and extensive drill and review of all TACHS Exam topics. Register online at https://www.eduscapeassociates.com/tachs-exam-prep-classes/
When: Fall 2019-Check website for schedule of Classes/Boot Camps
Where: WESTCHESTER & BRONX Ossining Public Library, Ossining NY Sacred Heart School, Hartsdale, NY
St. Margaret of Cortona School, Riverdale, NY
Info: Click here for event flyer Register for 2 Classes or Class & Boot Camp(s) and SAVE $10. Enter code: scholar at checkout.
Contact: Eduscape College & Test Prep Dr. Gayle Marchica, Principal Mobile/Text 914.886.5043 Office 914.941.4148 info@EduscapeAssociates.com
Therapeutic Foster Parents NEEDED
What: Family Services of Westchester is looking for individuals who are interested in learning about becoming a Therapeutic Foster Care Parent! We are looking for loving people willing to open their homes and hearts to a child in need of a stable, safe home environment.
Contact: Please contact Melissa Aversa, Home-finder & Recruitment Specialist at (914) 358-5828
Volunteers Needed - English-Spanish Translators   
What: The Ossining School District needs volunteers! Volunteering offers an opportunity to serve the community and can be a rich, rewarding experience. The district is seeking bilingual English-Spanish volunteers to serve as translators at district and school events. These events include but are not limited to, parent-teacher conferences, parent engagement nights and college fairs. We are dedicated to ensuring all members of our diverse community have equal access to Info and can fully participate in the educational life of their children. An Infoal flier is attached. Please kindly share this Info with members of your agency and/or community. Individuals with some time to serve as a translator and who are interested in making a difference may fill out an online form to be added to the district’s translator database. We welcome and greatly appreciate your help!
When: Ongoing
Where: Ossining Union Free School District
Contact: Ms. Ferzeen Shamsi at (914) 762-5830, ext. 4309
What: Neighbors Link is recruiting volunteers for its Ossining Site. Programs include ESL tutoring and a Parent Child Together class. We offer great training to our volunteers as well.
When: MONDAYS: 10-12: ESL tutoring 1-3: Parent Child Together Class FRIDAYS: 10-12: ESL tutoring
Contact: Amy Werner, Volunteer Manager at awerner@neighborslink.org if you are interested in becoming a part of our volunteer team. https://www.facebook.com/NeighborsLink/ https://www.neighborslink.org/
Mike Risko Music now accepting registrations
What: Mike Risko Music, just named a Top 100 Music School/Store in the world by NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) is now accepting registration for Winter session music lessons.
When: Call or email today to schedule a free trial and/or find out about our programs
Where: All programs are offered at Mike Risko Music right here in Ossining.
Info: Design your own schedule and take music lessons on any instrument or voice in our state of the art studios. All ages, levels and instruments are welcome! We even have programs for adults.
Contact: Mike Risko Music Mail@riskomusic.com www.mikeriskomusicschool.com 144 Croton Avenue Ossining NY 10562 914-762-8757
Safety Tips from the Ossining Fire Department
Sign Up for NIXLE Alerts: The Village of Ossining has launched a program to help notify the public of emergencies, road closures, hazardous conditions, and other incidents concerning the public within the Village of Ossining. This program, called Nixle, is a free program and allows members of the public to receive these messages in email, text message, and on an internet web site. Village of Ossining residents are urged to subscribe to receive emergency messages only by texting 10562 to 888777 on their cell phone, or to receive a full complement of messages, including community updates residents can visit www.Nixle.com and click the sign up now! button.
Sign up for ConEdison Customer Alerts via Text: Use your cell phone to text REG to OUTAGE (688243) and follow the prompts. You will need your account number and zip code. To retrieve your account number, log in to My Account or check your next bill. This information is also located on the ConEdison website at coned.com/text.
Do you have an event, Info or picture of the Village of Ossining that you would like included in this web blast? If so please submit to webblast@villageofossining.org. All Info must be submitted by noon on the Wednesday prior to the distributed web blast. Submissions included in this listing are intended solely to inform of events and Info of general interest to subscribers. The Village of Ossining does not necessarily endorse or support organizations or entities whose events and / or activities are listed above. The Village makes no representation as to the accuracy thereof, nor does it assume any liability in connection with same. Please don't print this e-mail unless necessary.
All submissions must follow the format listed below:
What: [Limit description to 100 words or less]
Info: [May include a single flyer]
Contact: [Name of organization/ individual, phone, email]
Religious Organizations
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for Ossining Prison Ministry, Inc.
What: Volunteers for a hospitality program at the Sing Sing Correctional facility that is held
When: Saturdays, Sundays, and most major holidays; from 8am to 11 am or 12pm to 2:30pm.
Where: Sing Sing Correctional Facility 354 Hunter Street, Ossining NY 10562
Info: Our organization provides hospitality to the visitors who come to visit their loved ones. We also provide toys, puzzles, and games to the people in the facility to help normalize the visiting time.
Contact: Dorothée Caulfield, Director, Ossining Prison Ministry, Inc. deaconfee@gmail.com