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New Demonstration Garden Opens at PCC-Rock Creek

Changes at the Washington County Fair Complex required Washington County Master Gardener Association (WCMGA) to shift the demonstration garden to a new location. A partnership with Portland Community College–Rock Creek (PCC-RC) — including students of landscaping, architecture, and design — provides a larger more accessible space for a new education garden.

Master Gardener™ demonstration and education gardens provide highly trained volunteers an opportunity to offer their expertise, classes and hands-on demonstrations about sustainable gardening practices to youth, adults, families, and beginning and enthusiastic gardeners. For nearly 30 years, WCMGA worked side-by-side with the Tualatin Valley Garden Club to develop and maintain the Washington County Fair Complex garden site. Click here to read the full article.
Cataloging Wild Mushroom Varieties Turns into a Multi-Dimensional Outdoor Educational Experience 

Cataloging wild mushroom varieties turns into a multi-dimensional outdoor educational experience
In October, 15 high school students, led by 4-H Program Assistant Seng Saechao, set out for Opal Creek Ancient Forest , one of the last low-elevation old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest, for a five-day immersive experience. This was the first week-long educational program held at Opal Creek.
The students from Alliance High School at Meek Campus , an alternative high school with technical career options, including natural resources, worked with Opal Creek educators to find, identify, and catalog wild mushroom varieties from the lush forest floor. Now back in school, the students are working together to complete a Mushroom Guidebook that will help visitors to Opal Creek identify edible and poisonous fungi. The aim of the guidebook project is for the students to help the Opal Creek forest and the visiting public. Click here to read the full article.
So What is the Deal with A2 Milk?

So what’s all this business about A2 milk? Is it better than A1 milk? Is it hooey? What do these codes refer to anyway? 

Starting with the last question first, A1 and A2 refer to “versions” of the beta-casein gene. Beta-casein is one of milk’s naturally-occurring proteins. The A2 version of this protein varies just a little bit in its structure from the A1 version. Cows, like humans, get genetic information from both of their parents, and therefore carry two copies of the gene; an individual cow could be A1A1, A2A2, or A1A2 for the beta-casein gene. Her milk would then contain whichever protein versions her genes dictate: either only A1 beta-casein protein, only A2 beta-casein protein, or a mix of the two. Milk marketed as A2 milk contains only the A2 version. Click here to read the full story.
Science On Tap: The Science of Marijuana
Stay tuned for February 27 Science on Tap in Portland. The Science of Marijuana will feature OSU pharmacologist, Dr. Jane Ishmael. Jane is Associate Professor and member of a state legislative task force on medical and public health properties of cannabis. Get an overview of how cannabis is metabolized and how the plants compounds behave in the human body, affect pain perception, appetite and the immune system. The registration link will be in the December newsletter.
Time Spent in the Garden Now Saves Time in Spring
Don’t hang up your gardening tools just yet. There’s still plenty to do. “It’s easy to forget gardening as we transition into fall, but work you do now will save you work next year,” said Weston Miller, a horticulturist with Oregon State University Extension Service. “For example, add compost and lime to the vegetable garden, cover with coffee sacks and the worms will go crazy and the soil will be great next year.” Click here to read the full article!
2019 OSU Master Gardener™ Training Registration opens in November!
Get the real dirt and become a OSU Master Gardener! Training includes all aspects of sustainable gardening in a fun and friendly environment. Become a garden educator and help your community to grow from the ground up! Training sites in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington counties. Find details and to register go here.
Jenkins Estate Learning Gardens
The WCMGA Learning Garden at the Jenkins Estate has daily public access from dawn to dusk. The Jenkins Estate Learning Garden offers hands-on opportunities to explore sustainable gardening practices using garden themes including: Vegetable Gardening, Waterwise Gardening, Pollinator Habitat, A Bioswale, Spiral Herb Garden, Native Plants (as documented in the Lewis and Clark Expedition), Perennial Companion Plants, Espalier Fruit Trees, Edible Landscape, and Berries, Grapes and other fruit. Garden-goers can also learn about composting in the garden as well as creating Mason bee habitat.
This month we are talking Thanksgiving with Mashed Turnips and Potatoes.

Try something new this holiday with a fun twist on mashed potatoes. Adding turnips gives this dish a more rich flavor that everyone will enjoy. Try it at your next event or any night of the week!
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