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OSU Volunteers Celebrate National Pollinators Week
When Bob and Barb Falconer see a plant with a bee on it at a local nursery, they buy it.

They bring it home to the suburban oasis they’ve created for struggling pollinators. It's about four acres in Hillsboro, where bumble bees, honey bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects continued to work even as the sun set on a recent May evening.

As an OSU Extension Master Gardener and OSU Master Beekeeper, Bob has put his skills to use creating a safe haven for the insects that have been declining in numbers across the nation for decades.

“There are hundreds of species in Oregon we know very little about,” Falconer said. “We only see them when we take time to notice them.”
Leaders of the Pollinator Partnership are hoping more people will notice them during the annual National Pollinator Week June 18 – 24.

The Pollinator Partnership, an organization dedicated to promoting the health of pollinators, created the week in order to honor and spread the word about the benefits and needs of the varied pollinators across the country.

“The idea is to help the bees,” said Falconer, who thinks about what’s best from the entire local ecosystem when he thinks about his property.

Lavender, crimson clover, salmonberry and scorpion weed are just a few of Falconer’s favorite plants. They’re easy to find, grow well in the Willamette Valley – and provide food for the properties many minute residents. Like the honeybee colonies that live in Falconer’s tall painted hives, mason bees in little tubes stacked in small bird-house-like structures, bumble bees in underground nesting homes and other bumble bees in wooden-box houses secured on tree trunks.

The best way to boost pollinator populations is to limit use of herbicides and pesticides in your yards and to plant a variety of flowers and bushes that attract pollinators. This handy list of 25 plants from the Oregon Bee Project are guaranteed to attract pollinators.

On Friday, July 27 we are excited to have OSU Extension pollinator expert, Andony Melathopoulos with us at the Washington County Fair. Andony will bring his Oregon Bee Project exhibits, showcase the Bee Atlas, answer your questions and more. Look for the OSU Extension Service tent leading into the 4-H program exhibits.

To learn more about National Pollinator Week, find events in your area and discover how you can get involved see online .
HS Senior Project Supports Keeping it Clean in Our Waterways
While boating and fishing, sometimes “nature calls,” but where do you go and how do you keep that waste out of the water? As the Boating Outreach Coordinator from Oregon Sea Grant and Oregon State University Extension, Jenny works to share information with boaters on proper waste disposal. Recently she got help with her outreach efforts from a high school student out of Vancouver, Washington. Sergio R. (with Jenny above) contacted Jenny after reading about her work in the Freshwater News , a boating, fishing, and waterfront newspaper for Oregon and southwest Washington. He wanted to support efforts to educate boaters on locations along the Columbia River where they can properly dispose of sewage stored on their boats. “I can use them to raise awareness towards pumping out and keeping the environment healthy,” he shared.

In April he attended the Columbia River Yachting Association meeting and spoke to delegates of the 14 local clubs about the use of pumpout stations in marinas and at boating. He distributed over 55 pumpout adapter kits and 100 waste location cards highlighting pumpouts, portable toilet dump stations, and floating restrooms throughout the state. Members at the meeting indicated they were impressed by Sergio’s presentation.

Pumpouts, porta-potty dump stations, and floating restrooms are made available through the Clean Vessel Act (CVA) program. Funding comes from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service Sport Fish Restoration Fund and is distributed by the Oregon State Marine Board. Boaters can access a majority of the 80 locations for free and use the interactive map at BoatOregon.com to find a facility nearby.
Mariachi STEM and STEAM Mariachi Camp Receive Coveted Awards
Our Extension Metro Region 4-H faculty Pat Willis and Beth St. Amand and their partners were honored May 14 for their efforts with outstanding outreach projects  STEM Beyond School  and  STEAM Mariachi Camp .

We received two of the ten OSU Vice Provost Awards of Excellence for Outreach and Engagement. The awards were created to encourage and reward efforts to create and nurture healthy communities, a healthy planet and a healthy economy.

Congratulations to all partners and 4-H faculty involved! We are proud of your efforts and collaborations!
With their show-stopping color, dahlias come in a variety of colors, sizes and forms. They're a fan favorite not only for their impressive display of color, but also for their long blooming season that spans from early summer to the first freeze in the fall.

Pick up dahlia planting tips from an OSU Extension Service Master Gardener.

See OSU Extension Gardening News for more tips, articles and garden related publications.
'Tis the season for fresh, flavorful strawberries. Check out the delicious twist on one of June's favorite fruits in Food Hero 's extensive online catalog of healthy recipes.

This spicy and sweet salsa makes for a complementary combination, great for dipping chips, topping poultry or jazzing up side dishes.
With five simple ingredients and no cooking required, it's the perfect way to kick off the summer season.

Bon Appétit!
Would you and your family be able to survive an emergency without medications? This month's emergency preparedness topic is "Medication in a Disaster." Learn how to prepare for situations that give no notice.
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