Living my Best Life

How are you this morning? I’m fine, because today is the best day of my life! We have a friend who says this every time we see him. He is upbeat, positive, happy and a joy to be around. Each day is a gift from God and brings a unique opportunity to be lived. What a difference it would be if everyone viewed life this way. 
Yesterday, with its’ disappointments and mistakes is done. Today is a brand new day, with a clean slate. We can choose to look at things with a pessimistic or optimistic attitude.  The Bible says to think on things that are lovely, good, kind, praiseworthy, and of a good report. How would that change your outlook today? If we expect the best, we will usually get it. Our attitude determines whether we focus on the negative aspects of life or see the positive side. Let’s determine to live each day as if it were the “best day of our life!”
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