One reason I enjoy this season so much are the holiday lights! Especially at night, the lights look so bright and cheery. My wife and I will even drive through certain areas to view the colorful arrangements. There is something about lights that make the darkness less scary and more inviting. 

Jesus called Himself the Light of the world. That reminds me of the scripture in John chapter 1 that talks about the Light that came into the world, but Jesus was not received, because men loved darkness rather than light. 

That sounds like our world today. Greed, selfishness, wickedness, rudeness, bitterness, have taken over and brought darkness to our spiritual atmosphere. At this time of year, let us roll back the darkness by demonstrating the light of God’s love. Let us show kindness, mercy, unconditional acceptance, generosity, and prefer others before ourselves.

God brought His light into the world as a tiny baby named Jesus, who ultimately gave His life so we could all be free from darkness. Let’s shine the light today and always!
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Drive-In Christmas Eve Service — Mt. Pleasant Bible Church 1530 Emerson Rd, Goodells
You’re invited to join us for our first-ever drive-in Christmas Eve service! Come celebrate together the Light coming into the world.
Christmas Eve - Thursday, Dec. 24th at 6:00PM
— Pile the family into the car
— Park in the church field
— Tune your radio to FM 104.7
— Join in from your car as we experience a traditional Christmas Eve service in a new way
— For the closing songs you have the option to stand outside your car and light a candle or to stay in your car and join in with a battery- powered one [both will be provided when you arrive] 
Upcoming Events
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Life In Christ Fellowship of St. Clair would like to invite you to A Living Nativity: Shepherd’s Experience on Sunday, December 20th with time slots available starting at 4PM and ending at 7PM. This family friendly event is outdoors, free of charge and open to all ages. 

Enjoy an atmosphere of wonder and excitement while experiencing the first Christmas through the eyes of a shepherd. Refreshments, caroling, and live animals included. 

In order to promote social distancing, space will be limited. For tickets go to, choose a time slot and reserve your spot today! 

For questions, call the church at 810-367-4248 or message us on Facebook @LICFChurch 
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