Happy Valentine’s Day! This is the day we celebrate love – especially the romantic kind! The 5 Love Languages tell us how to improve showing love to all those in your life. Dr. Gary Chapman wrote a book about this topic and said most people give and receive love in 5 different ways.  They are Words, Gifts, Touch, Acts of Service and Quality Time. Words includes verbal affirmation and endearing phrases. Gifts means giving items that indicate thoughtfulness. Touch is physical contact like hugging, holding hands, etc. Acts of Service is doing things for someone else’s benefit. Quality Time is spending uninterrupted time together doing what the other likes. 

So, look at your spouse, kids, or other important people in your life. Try to figure out what is meaningful to them and demonstrate one or two styles to them. It is amazing how “speaking” their language of love strengthens your relationship! Love is in the air!!
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JOB POSTING: Faith Lutheran Church, located at 3455 Stone St Port Huron, is seeking to fill the position of Church Secretary. Pay rate of $18 per hour with a nice benefit package, excluding health care. The schedule is 35 hours per week, Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 3:30pm. The duties are secretarial office responsibilities including skills in typing/good phone etiquette/Microsoft Office and calendar organization. 
Please call Faith Lutheran Church at 810-985-5733 for details and to obtain an application.
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