Too Busy

Are you feeling there isn’t time to do devotions or have a quiet time with God? Here are a few tips to redeem your time!     
  • As you do household chores – sing, play worship music and pray.   
  • Listen to the Bible while driving, there are many apps available.
  • Pray while you exercise. Go for a walk with Jesus. Pray for people and praise God for the beauty around you. 
  • Take God out for coffee – Do your bible study at a restaurant or coffee shop.   
  • Have a quiet time with your kids. As you do it together, you model its’ importance, and the way to read some scripture, meditate on it, & have a time of prayer and quiet to hear God’s voice. 

Many times, it’s not that we don’t have the time to spend with the Lord, it’s that we don’t utilize the time we have! So make a priority to develop your relationship with God on a daily basis!
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