It’s that time of year when people are graduating – from kindergarten, elementary school, junior high, high school and college. We celebrate this time as graduates reached a milestone and accomplished a goal. Congratulations to all those who are graduating!
We should always be graduating – or accomplishing new goals. Maybe it is a certification or training, a new job or buying a house. The obvious goals are great, but we can also be growing in our character and maturity. This is harder to define, but hopefully we are learning to give other people a break, not always having to get our way, giving up our right to “have the last word”, and not getting offended so easily. The Bible talks about being changed “from glory to glory”, which means little by little. We should be growing more mature or wise in how we deal with life issues. Continue graduating to the next level and let’s celebrate each new accomplishment!
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Families Against Narcotics is holding it’s first meeting since Covid shut everything down. We would appreciate your support by spreading the word. And attending if your schedule allows. We will be meeting June 17th, 2021. At 7:00 pm we have moved to 1404 Garfield Street. We are having as our speaker Devon Whiney. Devon is new to our board and in recovery. Please extend this invitation to help support us in recovery.
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