Good Friday

Most people see Good Friday as a “dark” day, not wanting to think about Jesus being tortured and dying. They want to skip ahead to the joy of Easter. But Good Friday had to happen to make Christ’s victory over death possible. He couldn’t have paid the price for our sin, unless he suffered and died as a perfect human. Good came out of darkness – just as it can today.
You may be going through a tough time – financially, relationally, health-wise, or emotionally. It may seem like everything is against you and there’s no way out. I want to encourage you that God knows your situation, and is working from His end to help. His timing is never too late. Seek and trust Him through the difficulty, and He will work it out for your good.
The annual Good Friday service is 1pm at Colonial Woods, this Friday, April 2nd. You may come in person, watch it on Facebook Live @BlueWaterOT, or listen live on 90.7 HopeFM or 1380 WPHM. Join us to remember Jesus’ sacrifice. Then, attend a life-giving church this Easter Sunday and celebrate the new and transforming life that Christ gives!
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YFC is searching high and low to find the person that GOD has chosen to be our leader at the East Michigan Chapter. We are part of a national movement to reach ONE MILLION youth to become life-long followers of Jesus. Think God might be calling you to join our mission? ⁠
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Spero will be having a Spring Training for those who would like to become volunteers. Ambassador training is what we call our NEW volunteer training. It is a strategic approach for those who desire to volunteer in a pro-life ministry. If you or anyone you know is interested please visit
The classes will be start April 1-29 on Thursday nights from 5:30-8:30
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