A Note from Executive Director, Tom Seppo

During this season of thanksgiving and blessing, we at OT are praying for God’s gift of love – Jesus - to be real to you and your family, and that you have a renewed sense of His mercy, grace and joy. Thank you for your encouragement, prayers and support to OT. We are  so grateful!
I would like to share about a Staff change at OT. Terry Kuhns will be leaving to become the full-time pastor at Fellowship Baptist in St. Clair. He first started working with OT in December 2006 with the OT Mentoring Program. In his words, “Since then I have had the absolute joy of meeting and befriending hundreds of incredible pastors and community members who have similar goals for the Blue Water Area. Developing and overseeing a mentoring program for citizens returning from the State prison system, which contracted for services in eleven counties, was absolutely life-changing for me. However, the Lord has made it clear that I need to invest fulltime into the church I. I am so thankful to have been able to serve in this ministry.”
We thank God for Terry and his faithful service to OT and wish him Godspeed in this next phase of ministry. I would like to introduce Randy Bennett, who will take over the work that Terry had been doing. Randy has been in pastoral ministry for 34 years, most recently with Blue Water Free Methodist Church. We welcome Randy and his heart for ministry! 
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Christmas Outreaches

Operation Transformation is doing several outreaches this season. 
  • OT is collecting faith Christmas cards, wrapped mints and stamps for the inmates incarcerated at the Intervention Center (jail). Each inmate will receive a signed card, with mint and a stamped card to mail to their family. Items are due Monday, December 6th.
  • We will be blessing officers of the Port Huron Police Department and St. Clair County Sheriff Office with a special Christmas devotional and card.
  • We are also collecting new children’s books for kids by December 6th.
  • OT is scheduling a day of bell-ringing to raise funds for the Salvation Army campaign. We have Saturday, December 11th at JC Penney’s (by the food court) from 10am – 9pm in 1-hour slots. Call OT to help!
  • Ongoing collections are used cell phones (proceeds bless military personnel).
Prayer & Encouragement
A woman needs help moving to a new home before December 1st. She's able to rent a truck, but she and her son are not physically able to move some of the items. If you're able to help, please call Sandra at 810-295-5168.
New Events Submitted this Week
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Giddy-up, giddy-up, giddy-up, let’s go….
  1. I currently have 19 MYOI youth that need donors for the Christmas season. These youth are enrolled in the savings/banking program, attend MYOI events, are between the ages of 14-22 and have also exited out of foster care. Some of them have children, are in school/college, live independently, are working, etc. Their foster care cases are closed, so they are not eligible for the DHHS Christmas Program for foster children. If you are interested in signing up to buy gifts for a youth, please email me. I will then send you the link to the SignUp website that will show you which youth still need donors and gift ideas for each youth. Our goal is to provide at least $100 in gifts or gift cards for each youth. If $100 is more than you are able to contribute, please email me and I can team you up with another donor.
  1. I am also looking to collect FIFTY $25 gift cards in order to provide all the open case youth who are currently enrolled and participating in MYOI a gift card this Christmas. If this option interests you, then please email me.
All gifts and gift cards are due to me by 12/13. Arrangements will be made individually with each donor for how to get the gifts and gift cards to me for distribution to the youth.
Upcoming Events
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 **Please note that the events and information listed in Faith Matters do not necessarily reflect the opinions and viewpoints of Operation Transformation.**

If you would like to share information through our Faith Matters email, send details and flyers (jpg preferred) to rhernandez@optrans.org.