God's Favor

After doing some reading in Proverbs chapter 3, I found several things to consider. 

The first and possibly foremost thing is to keep God’s principals in mind as we live. Jesus summed them all up into 2 - loving God with every part of me, and loving people. This means treating others the way I would like to be treated, which is also known as the Golden Rule.

The second thing is to keep my heart soft.  Show mercy and grace to people – even those who aren’t nice or have hurt me. Don’t get cynical or bitter or hard-hearted. 

The last is to have integrity. Can people count on me? Do I keep my word? Do I cut corners, tell “white lies” and do whatever I want to get my way? Do everything right and well. 

Following these 3 principals, will give me peace and a long life. God’s ways are not too hard or burdensome. They bring a clean conscience and give me joy in the journey.  
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YFC is searching high and low to find the person that GOD has chosen to be our leader at the East Michigan Chapter. We are part of a national movement to reach ONE MILLION youth to become life-long followers of Jesus. Think God might be calling you to join our mission? ⁠
SPEAK is a community coalition and stands for (Substance Prevention through Early Action and Knowledge) and our Mission Statement is, “Striving for a healthier community by working together to prevent youth substance abuse”. In order for this coalition to be successful we need community input and involvement. Youth vaping, underage drinking, youth marijuana use, and adult opioid use are noted as areas of concern and reflective of what our county data indicates need addressing.
At this point, SPEAK is meeting virtually on a monthly basis. Due to COVID-19, the typical date and time we meet has fluctuated, so interested members are encouraged to email  speak@stclaircounty.org  to get signed up for our listserv to receive communications.
Currently, any youth (10 and older) and adults of all ages are welcome to attend the coalition meetings. As we move forward with our strategies and action plans, there will be opportunities to do other activities. We have a 5 year Strategic Plan already developed.
Feel free to follow us on Facebook as well. Our handle is  @sccspeak .
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