The 5 Love Languages

Happy Valentine’s Week! This is the time of year that we remember why we love those close to us. Then we need to make sure we communicate it to them in the way that is most received and meaningful. The 5 Love Languages book by Gary Chapman can make a huge difference in how you communicate love to your family members. 
The first way is through Physical Touch – hugging, kissing, back rub, holding hands. The second way is Acts of Service – doing things that are helpful and wanted. The third language is Gifts – getting small or large things that show you remembered them (flowers and candy are good for Valentine’s). The fourth way is Words of Affirmation – saying positive, encouraging statements. The last way is Quality Time – carving out blocks of time to spend with the, doing something they like.  

Observe your loved one, and one or more language should stick out to you.  Then learn to “speak” your love to them in their language!

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