Tips to add more time with God in your life

Do you feel there isn’t time to do a devotion or have a quiet time with God? Here are a few tips!

  • As you do household chores – sing, play worship music and pray.   
  • Listen to the Bible while driving, through CD’s, tapes or apps. 
  • Pray while you exercise. Go for a walk with Jesus. Pray for people and praise God for the beauty around you. 
  • Take God out for coffee. Do your bible study at a restaurant or coffee shop.   
  • Have a quiet time with your kids. As you do it together, you model its’ importance, and the way to read some scripture, meditate on it, and have a time of prayer and quiet to hear God’s voice. 

Many times, it’s not that we don’t have the time to spend with the Lord, it’s that we don’t utilize the time we have! So make a priority to develop your relationship with God on a daily basis!

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There is a grant opportunity available for 501(c)3's that 1) has a realistic fear of being a target of extremism and 2) money can only be used for “target hardening” meaning it will make people safer while at a 501-C3 location. Examples from past applications can include security lighting, bollards, safety glass or doors, video, security access etc. Click here for more details.
New Events
Michigan Presbyterian Pilgrimage (for all Christians—not just Presbyterians) is a renewal weekend that will wake up your faith and make you a more dynamic Christian. Some participants have said that their Pilgrimage changed their life. Pastors have said that those who attended Pilgrimage, increased their leadership roles in the church. The next Pilgrimage weekend is April 11-14 (Thursday evening to Sunday) at Echo Grove Center, our new conference site near Leonard, MI (40 miles north of Detroit). The cost of the weekend is $200 (Scholarship money is available). For more information, contact Tami Cronce (810-357-1588) or Pastor Roxie Davis 586-838-9053 or go to our website at,click on the lower right side for Detroit.
35th Anniversary Women's GROW Conference will be held at Colonial Woods Missionary church on Saturday April 27th from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. This is guaranteed to be a fantastic day with Ellie Lafaro a respected Bible teacher with a flare for bringing laughter in the midst of life changing truth, and Devon O'Day who will bring beautiful worship to the experience. For more information and tickets please go to  or call 810-984-5571
Upcoming Events
The next Christian Open Mic Night will be held at the Westminster Church of Port Huron on Tuesday, March 12 th  at 6:30 PM. The church is located at 2501 Stone Street in Port Huron, MI. Those wishing to participate should be there prior to the start. For more information contact Phil or Marsha Larson at 810-385-5147 or Tom Drake at 810-385-9037. Refreshments and Fellowship follow the program.
Christian Disability group - Anyone with disabilities, their family members and area Church leaders are encourage to attend. They will be meeting at Center of Port Huron, Corner of 7 th  St and Wall, at 11am Wednesday, March 13 th. For more information contact Bob at 385 5357.
The next Christian Open Mic Night at Marysville R.L.D.S. will be held on March 28 th , 2019 at 6:30 PM. The Church is located at 1350 6 th  Street in Marysville. Those wishing to participate should be there prior to the start. For more information contact Pastor Gary Wesch at 810-982-5977 or Tom Drake at 810-385-9037
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