You may have heard the statement, “a family that prays together, stays together”. Well, remarkably, that is true! It doesn’t have to be a certain formula or religious words. Just say your heart!
Morning prayer to start the day, or bedtime prayer at night is so important for several reasons. First, it allows your child to hear your heart and brings a sense of closeness and intimacy. It also gives you a chance to verbally bless your child, as you thank God for them and their uniqueness. Praying for their safety also puts a hedge of protection around them throughout the day. Praying with your child helps convey your values and standards in a natural way. And finally, praying with your child helps train them to look to God for help throughout the day.
There is nothing more powerful than the prayer of parents for their children. Incorporate it into your day and see a closeness develop with your child!

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