What does it mean to be generous? The Bible certainly helps us to understand. We have a perfect example of generosity in God himself.   God is the first and most generous giver.  We are most like God when we give generously to others.   

So why do we find it difficult to be generous? The Bible says that there are dangers related to money.   We find it easy to love.  We worry about not having enough. We seem to always want more. Loving money can be a terrible sickness or a prison cell. However, generosity is the antidote that heals us from the sickness of loving money. Do you struggle with loving money? Learn to be generous. It will free you from the dangers of loving money.

The Bible also tells us that there are many benefits that accompany a generous life. One benefit is that it demonstrates the legitimacy of our faith.

The Early Church is a wonderful example for us.   You see these first Christians had established a culture of generosity that was attractive to outsiders. They gave sacrificially to others and people noticed. Their generosity was contagious and caused many others to want to join them. Maybe we should follow their lead and live generous lives. Doing this may cause other people to see the truth and the beauty of our faith.
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Community Foundation Scholarships

Attached is the scholarship application for any remaining scholarship funds we have, which includes $5,000 from Webb. Feel free to share with any students who fit the below criteria: 
Douglas & Elda Webb Scholarship
·           Graduate of Port Huron Schools
·           Attending a college or trade school within St. Clair County (SC4, Baker Culinary Institute, Paul Mitchell, Lakewood Therapeutic Massage) 
·           Preference for a minimum 2.5 GPA
·           Resident of St. Clair County
Father Rene Desmarais & Sister Margaret Dowd Scholarship
·           Attending SC4
·           Need-based
·           Strong preference for single parents or students from a single parent household
·           Resident of St. Clair County
Alice Moore Memorial Scholarship 
·           Graduate of St. Clair High School
·           Studying the trades at a vocational center of learning
·           Resident of St. Clair County
Charles Myron & Betty Gossman Veterans Fund
·           Attending SC4 
·           Honorably discharged military veterans or their children, or students who graduated from Garfield Elementary 
·           Priority is given to students based on financial need and community involvement 
·           Resident of St. Clair County
I’ll keep accepting applications throughout the fall until the money is spent; however, I do recommend any students interested in applying do so by  July 30  so I can get applications together for the committees to make decisions in time for the start of fall semester.
Christian lady looking for a roommate. Someone that is clean, smoke free, drug free, and pet free. Beautiful home near Black River Country Club. If interested please feel free to contact me at 810-434-3031. Also please provide references.   
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Colonial Woods Missionary Church will be offering online VBS the week of July 19-23 starting each evening at 6:15 pm. A Preschool VBS Storytime video will also be online and available each day. Space: Supernatural Encounters with God will be an “out of this world” experience for children ages 3 through students finishing 6th grade. Get on board for this journey through the Bible as we trek the final frontier full of stories, crafts and galactic fun. Kids will have a blast as they learn lessons and encounter the Creator universe. Online registration begins June 28th at
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