March 18, 2020
OTA Members,

Combating the coronavirus means we all must do our part. Shelter In Place was a concept unheard of just a few weeks ago. 

President Trump, Gov. Stitt and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and the Oklahoma Health Care Commissioner have requested those that can, please avoid public contact as much as possible and Shelter In Place. The OTA staff has the ability and will be working remotely.  We will monitor reports to determine when the office will reopen. 

During this time, your staff will still be available to you via email. Our email addresses and phone numbers can be found on our OTA website. (Click on each name to contact staff member). Be assured OTA business will continue as usual.

We know trucking will continue to literally be on the front lines as the nation endures this challenge. Your OTA will still be engaged and working on your behalf to represent trucking in Oklahoma. Additionally please let us know if we can be of assistance during this unique period of time. 

Jim has been in contact with the Governors office, FMCSA, and ODOT, he will also participate on a call with his peers and ATA today. We will keep you informed with updates as we learn of them.