Volume 5  |  Issue 3
November 2017
November 7, 12:00 - 1:00
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Research News
OTLT staff featured in Advances in Engineering Education
Teaching Awards
Graduate Students
January 19, 8:30 - 12:00
Center for Teaching
Beyond the Classroom
Incorporating Museums into Courses

The Giant Ice Age Sloth, a complete skeleton of a 47-foot Atlantic right whale, a diorama of the Devonian Coral Reef from 380 million years ago, and a hall of over 1,000 birds are just a few of the natural wonders found at the University of Iowa Museum of Natural History. 
With the array of physical objects and historical documents found at the Pentacrest Museums, UI instructors have an opportunity to enhance active learning... Continue Reading
Strategies for Success
Tried and True Methods from UI Instructors to Enhance Student Success 

In this series, we will highlight an array of teaching strategies implemented by instructors at the University of Iowa. Each strategy, provided directly from the instructor, enhances student engagement and broadens the scope of understanding. 

This month's strategies are provided by Anjali Deshpande, Clinical Associate Professor, Introduction to Public Health, and Greg LeFevrel, Assistant Professor, Environmental Engineering & Science... Continue Reading
4CAST'18 - Design Thinking

4CAST'18 will focus on Design Thinking - a process that allows people to routinely innovate and solve problems through empathizing, defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing.
In higher education, Design Thinking encourages faculty to better understand their students and assess different pedagogies ... Continue Reading
SITA Support for Digital Storytelling

As part of the Digital Bridges for Humanistic Inquiry project - a collaboration between the University of Iowa and Grinnell College and funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation - four Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology Student Instructional Technology Assistants (SITAs) will travel to Berkley, California to attend a three-day digital storytelling workshop offered by StoryCenter...Continue Reading
ICON Archive - A New Home for D2L Content

When the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology made the move to Canvas (the new LMS that powers ICON), we understood that access to previous Desire2Learn (D2L) content would be of value to instructors. For this reason, the ICON Team has built an ICON Archive system that stores old course content that once lived in D2L ... Continue Reading