It's time to launch the second half of our online OTRS program! Below you'll find a schedule of zoom class dates and times for all of our students. A few things to keep in mind as you add these dates to your calendars:

  • Our teachers and I will use these 15-20 minute experiences to check in with students, reinforce the learning they've done at home, and give them some new things to think about in the coming days.
  • We've purposely scheduled older students for earlier in the day, when parents may be working, because they won't need as much support once the call has launched. We've scheduled younger students later in the day when we hope it will be easier for parents to find the time to sit alongside them and help facilitate the experience.
  • We are still figuring out how best to use this platform to work with our students, so we ask that you and your child are patient with us as we figure out the kinks and find our rhythm.
Zoom Call Class Schedule