A CHP officer decided to help a young mom instead of citing her. While conducting a routine traffic stop, Officer Brian Diaz from the CHP's Victorville office provided a mom with a new car seat.

The stop was initiated for a cell phone violation, the CHP said in a Facebook post. When Officer Diaz approached the car, he noticed one of the mom's two young children in a child safety seat unrestrained. According to the CHP, the buckle was broken. The mom told the officer she couldn't afford a new car seat and had been living in motels while trying to get back on her feet.

Instead of ticketing the mom, Officer Diaz had a new car seat delivered and installed. The child safety seat given to the young mom was provided by a grant from the OTS!

Instead of a nearly $500 ticket, the young mom gets the help she needs to keep her child safe in the car. Well done Officer Diaz!