May 2019 | Volume 39
OUE Feedback Survey
This online form is for all OUE staff to provide feedback and input directly to the VP and AVP. Examples may include: nominating colleagues for  “shout outs”; making us aware of any concerns; providing suggestions for improvements; or other comments related to OUE.  
Vice Provost's Updates
A few updates from Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Colin Potts.
Award Season Wrap-Up
The end of the semester also means wrapping up another season of awards. Nearly every awards ceremony this spring had an OUE presenter, recipient, or supporter.
4 Students Named Goldwater Scholars
The four students will each receive up to $7,500 to continue their education and pursue a research career in the natural sciences, mathematics, or engineering.
Tech Students Promote Sustainability in World's Challenged Communities
From helping cocaine farmers in Columbia shift to other products, to providing efforts to aid and repatriate migrants at the U.S. southern border, college students across the Americas met via Skype to discuss shared efforts to improve the world’s sustainability.
Georgia Tech Licensing & Trademarks
All campus groups must use a licensed vendor to produce any merchandise or apparel with the Georgia Tech name and/or trademarks. Click the button below for a list of current vendors and general information about licensing.
Tech Students Deliver at Meeting of the Minds Conference
In late March, six undergraduate students represented Georgia Tech at the 14th annual ACC Meeting of the Minds Conference hosted by University of Louisville, Louisville, KY.
APS & Achieve Atlanta Scholars End of Semester Event
On April 2, CAS in partnership with Achieve Atlanta sponsored an event that provided students an opportunity to work with experienced tutors trained to help students taking traditionally challenging courses.
Staff News
This month's featured employee is Russell Wallis, IT Support Professional Lead (OVPUE).
Click below for updates on new staff and notable achievements from the previous month.
Campus News
Transformative Narratives
Kenji Terawaki (C2D2) will be featured in the second installment of Institute Diversity's Transformative Narratives. His story will be showcased at a listening party on May 29. Follow this link to register or click the button below to hear an earlier recording of the story.
Policy Updates for Students
The Major Confirmation and Grade Substitution policies were updated this year and affect students from Summer 2019 onward.
FASET Schedule and Staff Website
FASET season is officially here and you can stay up-to-date with the schedule and important details by clicking below. (The link is intended for GT staff only.)
Upcoming Events
16 | 10th Annual President's Walk
22 | Staff Council Meet & Greet
22 | GTAAN Best Practices Conference
23 | OUE Town Hall (Tech Rec)
11 | iGniTe Move-In Day
12-13 | Summer FY FASET 1
17-18 | Summer FY FASET 2
18 | iGniTe Welcome Event
24-25 | FASET 1
27-28 | FASET 2
11-12 | FASET 3
22-23 | FASET 4
25-26 | FASET 5
30-31 | Transfer 2-Day FASET