Weekly Happenings at 
Orchards UMC   9/12/2019
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This Week's
Church Schedule:

Sat., Sept.14th

Breakfast in 
honor of
Allan Keeff
 9 am
Fellowship Hall

Sun., Sept. 15th

Adult Sunday
 9 am

10 am

Meet w/Megan
after worship

Youth Group
3 pm

Mon., Sept. 16th

Tai Chi
6:00 pm
Fellowship Hall

Life Group
6:00 pm
Fireside Room

Orchards Glen
Debrief Meeting
6:30 pm
Annex Basement

Wed., Sept. 18th

Worship Team 
7:00 pm

Thurs., Sept. 19th

Life Group
1:00 pm
Annex Lobby

Heart & Soul Crafters
6:00 pm
Annex Basement

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Allan Keeff
Men's Breakfast
Sept. 14th
All are invited!

All Church Retreat
April 24th-26th
  Community Connections

Allan Keeff: 

Everyone is invited to the 
Men's Breakfast on 
September 14th at 9:00 am 
to honor 
Allan Keeff. 


Now that summer is coming to an end, we will be meeting at our normal times.  It's time to start planning those Fall/Christmas projects!

September 19th (3rd Thursday) at 6 pm - Annex Basement

  Remember to BYOCraft or just yourself as we enjoy this time of Fellowship and Crafting.   We always have such a  great time when 
we craft and fellowship together! 

Shiloh 541-740-8401 or  Sherry 360-518-9988
  if you have any questions.

Thursday Life Group

 The Thursday life group will be starting to meet  September 12,   Thursday at 1pm , in the Annex Lobby.   We will meet every week   with breaks during the holidays during the year.
  The book this year will be  We Make the Road by Walking  by   Brian McLaren.
 For information and questions contact Jan Brewer or Sharon   McConnell.

Centering Prayer and the 
Tuesday Evening Life Group

What is Centering Prayer? Very simply, in Centering Prayer our intention is to consent to God's presence and action within us. To do this, we sit in silence, and we choose a word to help remind ourselves of our intention. And when thoughts or distractions come up, and they always do, we silently repeat our word internally as a reminder  of our intention to consent to God being present within us and working within us. When we find that we've become distracted or wandered off into our thoughts again, and we always do, we  silently repeat our word to bring ourselves back to our intention. It's like saying to a friend, "Oh - where were we?" after being distracted in a conversation. In this prayer we are intentionally opening ourselves up to God. It's a prayer of intention. I like it because I don't have to think of what to say to God. I just keep re-consenting to God's presence and action within me. Centering Prayer gives us a way to take a step back from our constant mental commentary - our thoughts and  distractions, which we often hide behind, and to be  present with God who is always present right here within us, right now. The hard part is to stop running away from God.

Our Tuesday Evening Life Group keeps a focus on Centering Prayer. However, Centering Prayer is   something you can do whether you participate in a Life Group or not. For more information on
Centering Prayer come join us for an evening, or check it out at: 

Our Tuesday Evening Life Group will start up again on  Tuesday September 17th. We'll meet for ten weeks, with the last meeting of the quarter being Tuesday November 19th (Thanksgiving is November  21st). We meet from  6:30 to 8:00 PM  in the Annex basement.

This quarter for discussion starters we will be using Part 2 of Richard Rohr's latest book,  The Universal Christ: How a Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Hope For, and Believe, available at Amazon and elsewhere. Please consider giving us a try even if you're just curious and don't want to commit to attending regularly. You can easily join in the conversation without the book, even if you can only attend once or occasionally.

 Rod Allen
 360 609-7832

From  Sharon Knudtson's Family:

 We would like to invite moms church friends to come celebrate her   75th birthday and her retirement from Bonneville Power. This will be   at her place The Crossing in Battleground so people can stop by and   see her apartment too. This will be a Tea party with sandwiches and   desserts. Come stop by from 1pm - 4pm. September 21st 2019

 If I can ask everyone to RSVP to me Yvonne 360-213-7053, via   text or call that would be helpful to make sure we get enough food!
 Her address is: 901 SE 11th Pl Ste A, Battle Ground, WA 98604.

 Dear Orchards Family,

 I could use a little help   from  all of you wonderful   photography people.  I   would LOVE to have some   of your amazing nature   photos to share as back-   grounds for music slides on   Sunday mornings.  

 Thanks to Facebook, I have seen so many amazing shots from all of   your adventures!  If you are willing to share them with me, could you   please email them to me at orchardsumc.office@gmail.com?

 In addition to background photos, any photos you have from OUMC   events would be great as well!  I need your help to keep our website   and Facebook page current.  It is much more helpful for me if you   email them to me.

 Thank you all so very much!  You're the best!!
We are FAN are looking forward to seeing you in SW Washington at TWO EVENTS coming up in September:

First, on  Saturday, September 14 from 9 AM - 4 PM, we hope you'll stop by our booth at the Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair at Esther Short Park.  -  This   has been a fun annual tradition for us, and such a great way to learn   about all the good work you're doing in your area. We're planning   some kind of interactive Census 2020 opportunity, will share updates   on I-1000 and all FAN is doing this season, and offer photo ops and   some ice water for our guests. If your faith community or organization   is not hosting its own booth, contact Elise at  degooyer@fanwa.org  for   a volunteer shift!

 Then on  Sunday September 15 from 2-4 PM, we will host our   annual Cluster Gathering at Vancouver Heights United   Methodist Church  (5701 MacArthur Blvd, Vancouver). 
 Join us as we discuss the work that has taken place throughout the 
 year and find ways to collectively make our communities stronger. 
 We are excited to learn about the advocacy and social justice efforts   you all are doing and hope that this gathering sparks new interests,   ideas, and ways to further social justice in our state. 
 Please let us know that you are coming by RSVPing here.
 We can't wait to see you this fall!
 FAN Staff
 (206) 625-9790

 I just wanted to put this forth to the congregation, based off my talk a   few weeks ago there were a lot of people who were interested in ACES   (Adverse Childhood Experiences).  There is going to be a program put   on at our public library discussing this topic.
Forum @ The Library: The Ripple Effects of Childhood Trauma: A Conversation on Building Resilience:
Wednesday, September 18
6:30-8:30pm at 
Vancouver Community Library  
901 C Street, Vancouver
 What are the ripple effects of childhood trauma? What do parents,   businesses, and community members need to know? The impact of   trauma can touch every part of our life and how we respond to daily   situations at school, at home, and at work. Join this community   conversation on how to build community resilience and address the   impacts of trauma across the lifespan. Moderated by Delena Meyer   and presented in partnership with IPD (Initiative for Public   Deliberation), The Aces Action Alliance, and Way-Enough Decision   Coaching.  Questions? Please call the Vancouver Community   Library   at 360-906-5000.


Heidi Brandenburg


 is an annual day of giving for Southwest Washington coming  Thursday,   September 19 . This is an opportunity to donate to a variety of nonprofits
 in our  area. Participating nonprofits may also receive prizes and   matching funds. Donate online at  givemore24.org

 Some of OUMC's partners are participating:
  • FISH
  • Friends of the Carpenter
  • Council for the Homeless (funds WHO)
  • Evergreen School District Foundation (supports Orchards Elementary)
 Questions? Contact Rachon at 206-551-5424   or  rachonhanson@gmail.com.


Digital Disconnect
Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at 7 PM - 10 PM

Old Liberty Theater
115 N Main Ave, Ridgefield, Washington 98642

 Based on the acclaimed book by media scholar Robert McChesney,   this film trains its sights on the relationship between the internet and   democracy in the age of fake news, filter bubbles, and Facebook   security breaches. In a wide-ranging analysis that moves from the   development of the internet as a publicly funded project in the late   1960s to its full-scale commercialization today, McChesney traces   how the democratizing potential of the web is being radically   compromised by the logic of capitalism and the unaccountable power   of a handful of telecom and tech monopolies.

Special guest speaker- Cindy Black from Fix Democracy First!

 Share thoughts and questions during our moderated post film   community discussion. Free, donations appreciated.
Lutheran Community Services NW 
will hold the next 
Refugee Community Forum  on 
  September 19th from 1-2:30pm .  

 They will have updates on the program at the local and state level and   have the opportunity to connect with our community  partners. 
 Please RSVP by 9/16* if you plan on attending the  Refugee  
 Community   Forum We will meet at the  YWCA in the Community 
 Room  (3609 Main Street).  
  Meetings for 2019 from 1-2:30 pm
  • December 12
 As part of their work doing  refugee  resettlement in SW Washington,   they invite participation in a quarterly meeting from: the state 
 refugee  coordinator; the state  refugee  health coordinator; local 
 governance; local and/or county public health; welfare and social   services; public safety; public education and other  community  
 stakeholders and any other interested parties. 

 All are welcome and we look forward to seeing you there!
RSVP to:
Mindy K. Johnston
Lutheran Community Services NW
Vancouver Office Community Director
Crime Victim Advocacy Program in Portland
Vancouver: 360-787-4702
Portland: 971-888-7832

Who season will be here soon! 
 OUMC will be taking a few days in November and then a few more in Jan or Feb.

Scroll Saw Classes at 
Friends of the Carpenter!
Friday, September 20 and September 27,   10:30am-12:30pm at the Center

Unleash your inner artist! No experience required!
$5 for TWO 1/2 hour sessions plus open practice time

To pre-register, please call us at 360-750-4752


Do you think a few short hours can make a difference  in someone's life? 

Come down to the Friendship Center and 
meet the personal Christ who dwells in 
"the least   of these."

Current needs:
  • Front desk - Smile! Help visitors feel welcome. Provide information on our services.
  • Event hospitality - Fellowship, greeting, listening. Visit with and work on crafts with participants. 
  • Activity assistant at events - Welcoming and friendly, active. Help direct crafts and attend to requests of participants.
  • Preparation assistant - Before events, help prepare crafts, organize.
  • Custodian - Help us provide a clean, safe facility. 
Two to three hours per week 8a-9a or 4p-5p

We are open Monday - Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm

We are happy to accommodate your availability. Commitments are 2-10 hours per week depending on the position, and times are flexible

1600 W. 20th St Vancouver 98660
360-750-4752 Ask for Linnea

Visit our Website: 

Follow us on FaceBook:

Office Email:   orchardsumc.office@gmail.com

 11000 NE Fourth Plain Rd.
             Vancouver, WA  98662

Office Hours: 
Tuesday - Thursday 
9:30 am - 3:30 pm