In hindsight, I have been interested in the nature of reality since I could start to reason at the age of seven. I was asking “difficult” questions in catechism class in the second grade. I was, in essence, often told to sit down and shut up. I was a reader from early on. I filled my childhood and adolescence with reading the founding fathers of science fiction. People like Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, and Isaac Asimov. As a side note, this allowed me to escape my daily life without doing drugs and gave me an excellent vocabulary by the time I graduated high school.

At fourteen years of age, I became obsessed with hypnosis and began a lifelong practice and study of trance and the unconscious process. In college I took up the science of psychology because I believed it would explain the nature of human existence, human nature, (my existence, my nature). Unfortunately, psychology did not live up to my expectations.

By the time I completed my master’s degree, I was already beginning to see that psychology was more about enforcing the social norms of my culture. Then I met Linda Prevost and she began to teach me Astrology and then Karmic Astrology. Oh, and she married me along the way. Concurrent with that, I began to explore past Life regression with clients in my work. I began to read about quantum reality. My first book was THE DANCING WU LI MASTERS by Gary Zukav. Nothing was able to explain what goes on and why it goes on completely enough until I got to Karmic Astrology.