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No Salaries / 2018 - 94.8% program/revenue ratio
On July 16/17 we packed 300 cartons for our Troops. For this pack, nationally-acclaimed patriotic artist Scott LoBaido provided a signed copy of his "Liberty" print. We put one in every carton! SEE SHORT ( 2 1/2 MIN) VIDEO BELOW!
This collection was received on 25 July in Afghanistan!
One of our units sent us this pic on 29 July. They really liked Scott's prints.
One of our Emails from the FRONT:

 Dear Supporters at Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon, Inc. -- I am the Officer-in-Charge of a 10 person surgical team currently deployed to (location redacted). We recently received your care package of goodies and could not be more grateful! We are about halfway through a 7 month stretch here, and you have no idea how game changing it is when we feel the love from back home! The Snickers, Fig Bars, and Girl Scout cookies were quickly decimated. The coffee doesn't stand a chance either. The tumblers were also welcome and have found grateful recipients in a few of our corpsmen.

Thank you so much for your generosity and support! We love you! Sincerely, ZWB 22 July 2019
Salute to American Heroes 7 is coming!
We're Nearly SOLD OUT!
Don't get shut out. You'll miss a great evening of Pageantry, Patriotism and Entertainment.
We have less than 40 seats left. If you plan on attending, please get your tickets now!
This year's Gala Chairman is 1986 NY Giant Superbowl Champion Karl Nelson (L); our Salute 7 Keynote Speaker is US Navy Commander (Captain Select) Don Wilson (C) and Heavyweight Boxer Gerry Cooney shown at last year's Salute. Gerry says he is coming back he had so much fun!!!
For those who want to donate but not at the Sponsor level, we have two new "Patron" Sponsor levels
$500 Ward Room and $250 Chiefs Mess levels. 100% of all net funds after well-looked-after expenses go to programs for our Wounded-Recovering Veterans. We're happy to get any donation you're comfortable with.

Would you like to have your name attached to some very special items we send to our Troops???
We're looking for a $15,000 one-time tax-deductible donation
for items we normally can't afford to purchase, such as Xboxes, cigars and other "out of the ordinary" items. If you or your organization or company can make that happen, we will gladly put your contact info (email) in the letter when we send these special items to our Troops, so they can thank you directly. This includes cigars that we send units that have been attacked. We understand the guys like to sit around a fire and remember their buddies over a smoke.
(Of course, if you want anonymity, we'll respect that too.)

Our discretionary spending is smart, not wasteful. It provides that something "extra" that no one else sends. That's what sets us (and our supporters) apart.
If you are able to help and make this very large one-time, tax deductible donation, we have a
VERY SPECIAL One-of-a-Kind GIFT for you!!! -- an American Flag, flown on Omaha Beach on June 6, 2019, the 75th Anniversary of D-Day!!!
This flag was donated by Annin Flagmakers, America's oldest flag company.
If you can donate the $15,000 for our discretionary fund, we'll add your name to the certificate and present this flag to you!!! EMAIL:
What we Need this month

The temps are high for many of our Troops. These items will help:

Powdered Gatorade and ice teas (low sugar preferred)
Protein Powder
cool wraps
Gum and Bubble Gum
Jerky in all flavors
Healthy snacks such as trail mix and dried fruits and nuts.

What we Don't Need
Girl Scout cookies (we just sent thousands of boxes!)
No chocolate candy in summer
No Aerosols or gas driven products of any kind (includes shave gels, insect repellant spray or foot powder spray)

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