Arrives June 1, 2021

Arrives June 1, 2021


Arrives June 1, 2021


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Robert M. Dunkerly and Doug Crenshaw  
6 x 9 paperback   
3 maps * 200 images
192 pages

Michael C. Harris
6 x 9 hardcover
27 maps * 48 images
528 pages

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Libri Novi - May 2021
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Ms. Kenya Savas

My Fellow Book Lovers, 

Pop grounded me again. Why, you ask? He and mom came home early from their Monday "date" night and found me, well, keep reading. . .

Pop: "What are you doing in the tub? And look at this mess!"

Me: "I was washing my hair."

Mom (laughing): "Kenya--you don't have any hair. You are a pit bull. And besides, you have on my shower cap."

Me: "Oh, yeah. Ah . . . I like bubble baths. I can't help it."

Pop: "Get out."

Me: "Not while you are looking. Please hand me my robe."

Mom: Kenya, you don't have a robe! Oh my, have you wearing mine?"

Pop: "That giant box of peanut butter Milk-Bones is off-limit for three days, buster."

Me (growling): "It's 'Busteress.' I'm a girl."

Pop: "Okay, how about a week?"

I am already hungry. Meanwhile, before we get to the main event: 

1. The Bachelder Maps are in, and most of them have already mailed out! Hope you enjoy them! 

2. Advance copies of Ed Bearss' The Campaign for Vicksburg, The Bachelder Papers, and Bachelder's History of Gettysburg have arrived, have been approved, and the shipping is arranged. Stay tuned and see below for more details!


More details below, so keep reading! There is nothing to order yet. But . . . soon.


As I noted last month, many new people have discovered the Civil War over the past 20 years, and many of the really outstanding must-have volumes were printed in small numbers and can't be obtained today for a reasonable price. We are going to remedy that.

What's coming? Here are a few:

1. The Antietam Official Records (vol. 19, pts. 1 and 2);
2. Bigelow's classic Chancellorsville in a special limited edition with COLOR MAPS; 
3. Ken Bandy's The Gettysburg Papers in a 2 vol. set.

and many more.

We have organized all this, and I got a promotion (as you can see above)! We have an entire new page on our website, so to see and bookmark it, CLICK HERE.


Lord, the pricing of domestic and international shipping has nearly doubled in the last few months. And it is slower, and not as reliable as it was. We appreciate your support and patience as we work through all this, and hope it gets back to normal soon. We have creative ways to compensate for it. More soon.

Loving Woofs,

Your Hungry Miss Kenya

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 Announcing "The Essential Gettysburg Series" (!)

REMEMBER THAT LONG AND FUN SURVEY several months ago? We were trying to figure out what YOU wanted to spend your hard-earned dollars on, what YOU wanted to read, and what YOU wanted to shelve and keep. The results were overwhelmingly focused and positive. Hence, this new series.

We promise The Savas Beatie Essential Gettysburg Series will be like nothing you have seen before.

This series (2-3 titles a year) will include original manuscripts and facsimile reprints of long out-of-print classics (with updated Forewords) suitable for shorter to medium-length publications. 

The price will be jaw-droppingly reasonable. Why? Because we are bypassing middlemen like Amazon, etc. to go directly to you. We are passing that savings on in YOUR price. :)

Here are some of the "bells and whistles" you asked for that we will include:

1. Small Print Run: 500-700 copies;
2. Quality Paper: 50-lb. acid-free off-white matte art paper;
3. Numbered: Each copy will be uniquely hand-numbered on the title page;
4. Signed Author Book-Plate: The first 500 copies will have one, specially designed for this series;
5. Signed by Publisher: The first 500 copies will be signed by Mr. Savas on the title page next to the SB logo;
6. Three-piece Case Binding: The spine and an inch on the front and back will be in on high-quality leather/cloth, and the balance of the front and back in a different color high quality cloth.
7. Ribbon: A lovely bookmark ribbon will be bound into each book.
8. SERIES NUMBER: The number of the book in the series will be printed on the spine.

Series Editor: Meet Mitchell Yockelson. We wanted a fresh set of eyes on the campaign and battle. Mitch is an award-winning military historian, editor, and investigative archivist with the National Archives. He has studied the Civil War for much of his life, but has primarily published on other military topics. His books include Borrowed Soldiers: Americans under British Command, 1918 (2016), Forty-Seven Days: How Pershing's Warriors Came of Age to Defeat the German Army in World War I (2016), The Paratrooper Generals: Matthew Ridgway, Maxwell Taylor, and the American Airborne from D-Day through Normandy (2020), and much more, including articles and book reviews. Mitch is a former professor at the U.S. Naval Academy. He lives in Annapolis, Maryland.


We have several titles under active development for the series: 

BOOK 1: Over a Wide, Hot Crimson Plain: The Struggle for the Bliss Farm at Gettysburg, July 2 and 3, 1863, by the late Elwood Christ (former Licensed Battlefield Guide), with a special introduction by award-winning author and LBG James Hessler. Fall 2021.

We are not taking orders for anything at this point. We are merely announcing the series. When we are ready, we will announce with a special email, on Facebook, Instagram, and on the dedicated page on our website HERE.

Feel free to spread the word, and as always thank you for your ongoing support of the American Civil War, independent publishing, and battlefield preservation. It all matters. A lot. 

--Theodore P. Savas

Classic Reprints Sneak Peek
THE ADVANCE COPIES OF Ed Bearss' The Campaign for VicksburgThe Bachelder Papers, and Bachelder's History of Gettysburg have arrived! The books have been approved, and the shipping is arranged. Stay tuned and see below for photos! Click HERE and bookmark the page!

Don't miss out on this new release!
Here is a sneak peek at late May release!
Call the office at 916-941-6896, visit our website, or email us to order or pre-order your copies. 
New in Audio and a Contest!
We are pleased to announce that Brandywine: A Military History of the Battle that Lost Philadelphia but Saved America, September 11, 1777  by award-winning author Mike Harris is now available on audio.
Long overshadowed by the stunning American victory at Saratoga, the complex British campaign that defeated George Washington's colonial army and led to the capture of the capital city of Philadelphia was one of the most important military events of the war. Michael C. Harris' impressive Brandywine is a full-length study of this pivotal engagement. 

To be entered to win your FREE audio copy, answer this trivia question: 

What Rev War battle did this author recently write a book on?

(Kenya's throwing you a bone here with a soft ball question. You're welcome.) =)

Email your answer to books@savabeatie.com. Winners will be chosen at random.

Bachelder Maps -- Only a few left!
By now you know that the Bachelder Maps arrived and the SB ladies have been diligently working on getting them out of the office and into your hands as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you ordered a set of Maps and they have not arrived, please email or call the office and we can track them. There is a possibility that we still need a credit card to charge.

If you would still like to purchase a set of maps, we have LESS THAN 30 sets remaining! Please email or call the office to get yours TODAY!

As a reminder, shipping is $14.00 (with a $5.00 online credit back to you). COVID has wreaked havoc on certain types of shipping and packages. Shipping in a heavy tube has dramatically increased in the past 60 days, especially overseas. We had estimated $5-7, but it will be $14.00 (no handling charges, ever) and if you have an account, you get $5.00 back AND the SB reward points. :)
A Look Inside a Customer Library - Raymond R.

This month, Raymond shares his library photos and answers the following questions. Take it away, Raymond! 
1.) How old were you when you got the Civil War "bug" and when did you begin collecting Civil War books? 
5 years old. We did not have a lot of money and my parents took me to battlefield locations in the Mid Atlantic. I collected books from that time. I have 1st editions of the Meet series of books by Random House.
2.) How many books do you have and how do you organize your library? 
1500. I have sets in old china cabinets. Biography is together and battle books for the Civil War are chronological. I have Revolutionary War books all together, as are my Genealogy books, and my Tolkien books.
3.) What topic dominates your shelves? How many have you collected?
I have the most books on the Civil War, and the count is up to 650.
4.) If you had to pick a special favorite collectible/rare/special book in your collection, what is it and how did you come to acquire it?
I have a complete set of Time Life Civil War series. My uncle left it and the other Time Life series too.
5.) I collect Civil War books because...
...I have always found the Civil War interesting. I collected books to read and learn about all different areas of history.
Now Available in Digital
Tennessee History Book Award - Tullahoma
David Powell and Eric Wittenberg were recently selected to receive the 2020 Tennessee History Book Award for Tullahoma: The Forgotten Campaign that Changed the Course of the Civil War, June 23 - July 4, 1863.
The award is given jointly by the Tennessee Historical Commission and the Tennessee Library Association, and the jury members represent both organizations as well as each of the state's Grand Divisions. This award was announced virtually at the annual conference of the Tennessee Library Association.
Co-author David Powell reflected, "I have wanted to tell the story of the Tullahoma Campaign for years, which, thanks to partnering with Eric Wittenberg and the Savas Beatie team, finally came to fruition. I am humbled that our work was selected as the Tennessee History Book Award's 2020 winner, and gratified that this oft-overlooked story will be overlooked no more."
Eric Wittenberg continues, "I'm both humbled and honored to have our work recognized like this. We wanted to shed light on this little known campaign, which had such an impact on the war in general but has traditionally been overlooked, and we hope we have succeeded. Thanks to the team at Savas Beatie for helping us to create a great book and for their support."

Congratulations, gentlemen, on a job well done!

5 Things with Mark Bielski
This  month, our Five Things column features Mark Bielski, author of the new ECW title, A Mortal Blow to the Confederacy. Here, Mark tells of five fascinating facts which he discovered along the way while writing this book. I am sure you will agree.

Take it away Mark...

First. Forts Jackson and St. Philip are key elements in the story. I had taken guests there before, but going there to research and write about the campaign gave me a new perspective. Regarding the vast expanse of water, the currents and even the chop of small waves reminds one of how close to the Gulf of Mexico we are. Fort Jackson is seventy miles south of New Orleans, but in a different world. Commercial shrimpers, oystermen and fishermen make a living in this area and there is a healthy citrus industry. Touring the inside of the well-restored fort one can imagine the tumult and hellish fire and shelling that occurred here during the battle between the entrenched Confederates and the attacking Union fleet. The Fort Jackson Museum and Visitor Center is less than a mile away.

Second. Slave historical markers for Solomon Northrup and New Orleans and the domestic slave trade. Solomon Northrup is known for his 1853 memoir Twelve Years a Slave and the eponymous movie of 2013. As many times as I have passed these markers, I admit that, except for a cursory scan, I did not take the time to read them. However, I was well aware of the 19th century slave market in New Orleans. The markers are near the Old U.S. Mint, which is now home to the New Orleans Jazz Museum. They face each other on the neutral ground (commonly the median on a divided street in most other American cities) on Esplanade Avenue at Chartres Street. Even though they refer to occurrences prior to the Civil War, I felt the poignancy of their messages would enhance the narrative.

Third. Mumford Hanging print. While doing research at the Historic New Orleans Collection (NOHC) in the French Quarter, I learned that there was a rare print that depicted the hanging of William Mumford. It is difficult to find renderings of the incident. The hanging was a notable episode in the early days of the Union occupation of the city. Union sailors had raised the Stars and Stripes above the U.S. Mint, Mumford tore it down and threw it to the angry mob. General Benjamin Butler vowed to hang the man who removed and desecrated the American flag. Even though the print is proprietary, the NOHC allowed me to make a jpeg of the print to use in the book.
Fourth. Vanishing sites. Sadly, there are too many historical sites and symbols that are no longer extant. Whether a geographical location or monument, it is fortunate that I was able to photograph some of them while still standing. The sea has taken Quarantine Landing just upriver from the forts. This was where the Chalmette Regiment went to stave off an advance of Union land forces. Hurricanes devastated Fort St. Philip and Fort Pike. The former is reachable only by boat, the latter is closed to the public. Additionally, politics has removed many of the monuments to Confederates. Native son P.G.T. Beauregard sat regally mounted on his horse at the entrance to City Park for years. It seems that no one bothered to study his life and learn that he championed voting and civil rights for blacks in Louisiana after the war. His monument is gone as are many others including Captain Charles Didier Dreux, the first Louisiana officer killed in the war.
Fifth. Living history. My interview with Mrs. Gladys LeBreton was one of the highlights of my research. I am a friend of the family, have known her for years and her son is a close friend and former classmate. She was kind enough to relate the story told to her by her mother, who was a small child when Jefferson Davis passed away at their home in the Garden District. The narrative is Appendix D. I also included the audio interview in my Podcast, "History with Mark Bielski." After the Podcast aired, a good friend called me from Washington, D.C. and declared that the story is "as close to living history of the Civil War that one can get."
Excerpt Central!
ExcerptsDid you know we have excerpts posted on our website? Here are a few, and from now on we will have a list right here for you to view. 
Edwin C. Bearss,
David and Audrey Ladd, eds,
John Bachelder,
Author Events

We have many author events on the books (many of which are virtual!). Be sure to click here to see our full author event calendar.

Under Contract
  • Meade and Lee After Gettysburg: The Mine Run Campaign, November to December 1863 (final volume), by Jeff Hunt
  • Unhappy Catastrophes: The American Revolution in Central New Jersey, 1776-1782 (ERW), by Bert Dunkerly
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