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A little bit of humor helps in almost any situation!--

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Dear Surya Yoga Family,

"When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, and others build windmills."

Chinese Proverb

How are you doing?

I can imagine that like myself, many of you might be growing weary of the waves we continue to experience in this pandemic. All I can tell you is that if you are feeling at all overwhelmed by the recent spike in Covid numbers, I UNDERSTAND. And that I KNOW we will get through this together.

Sending so many prayers and love to all of those that are sick or who are experiencing isolation, loss, and grief.

Surya remains committed to serving our students in the best and safest ways possible. It has become very apparent in the last two weeks that while the temperatures outside are still a bit brisk, that many of our students would feel more comfortable practicing in the breezeway. We practiced outside through the entire winter last year and we CAN do it again. Wear an extra layer (or two) and come breathe with us in the glorious breezeway that we are SO BLESSED to be able to offer to our students. So much Gratitude to the New Vision Center for making this sacred space available to us!

I will be closely watching the weather report and will only 'move' the classes to the breezeway (in Mindbody) 10 days at a time.

To avoid confusion, I suggest only looking at the location of classes a week in advance--otherwise Mindbody might list a location that is inaccurate.

If we see a cold front or storm front coming in, we will move the classes back inside until it passes. For clarity on location, the only classes that will be outside are those that specifically say "In the Breezeway."

Effective immediately for the next 10 days, the following classes will be in the breezeway:

Mondays Vinyasa with Amy at 5:45pm

Tuesdays Vinyasa with Jeanne at 6pm

Thursdays (starting today!)

Vinyasa with Tim at 10:30am

Thursdays Beginner's Yoga with Amy/Michelle at Noon (beginning next week)

Fridays Vinyasa with Tim at 4:15pm

If we see (by participation numbers) that this is a change that is serving our community for the better while we make it through this Covid spike, I will look at moving a few other classes outside as well.

As always, we have a full library of online classes if you feel more comfortable practicing at home. If you need assistance in accessing the online classes, please reach out to me and I will help you!

Additionally, I am randomly adding some "Practice With Me" classes to our schedule. These classes are guided without music and will be recorded for our online campus. *Students in these classes will not appear in the videos. The teacher will practice with the students, demonstrating every posture and verbally guiding the practice.

These classes are not offered at a specific time each week--they will be random-- and the 'style' of yoga will shift from week to week. Last week we offered Beginner's Yoga and it was very well received!

We are offering these classes at a much-reduced rate: $8 drop-ins and $4 member rates. The "Practice With Me" class for next week will be on Monday January 17th at Noon--

a Yin practice with Amy.

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate this together.


We postponed Sacred Sisterhood Circle to January 21st. We will be offering January's circle on zoom rather than in person. This is such a safe and beautiful opportunity to CONNECT. We even have some of our out-of-town students coming in virtually to participate! We need each other right now and Aubrey is excited about making the circle accessible to everyone in January!

We will look at the format for February

as it gets closer.


Beginner's Yoga with Self Care

with Amy/Michelle

Thursdays at Noon beginning January 20th





In the morning, Carolyn and I will guide our first community hike for the year!

We will traverse Tom's Thumb in the McDowell Mountain Preserve

and we will dive into the inspiration of

Being the Change You Wish to See.

Our "Make a Difference" hike will give us the opportunity to explore the ways that we can show up better for ourselves and our community this year...and to realize the profound gifts of Living from this intention.

A portion of the proceeds for this event will go to

Kitchen on the Street,

supporting Arizona children who are experiencing food insecurity.



And in the afternoon...from 2-5pm,

Surya is blessed to have

guest teacher Jenna Hedstrom offering

"Remember Who You Are."

The richness of this workshop will provide participants with a very DEEP experience of using the BREATH to help us heal fear, doubt, and anxiety. This practice will offer an intimate exploration of what comes up for

us in the process.

How blessed we are that

Kelsey will be with us February 3-5.

Private intuitive massage sessions on Thurs and Saturday are still available.

Fridays sessions are already sold-out.

If you are needing therapeutic bodywork, please reach out to me for Therapeutic Massage--offered continually by appointment.

Private Yoga and Private Sound Healing are also available by appointment.

As many of you know,

I am passionate about the

8 Limbed Path of Yoga.

Our physical postures, the "Asanas,"

comprise the THIRD limb!

I know, right?!

There are 2 limbs of our practice that come before the shapes we make with our

bodies on the mat?


And WOW, did this teaching change my life!

I would love to share it with you.

Please join me this year on the 8 Limbed Path.

We will start at the beginning and take our journey throughout the year.

We begin on Saturday February 12th.

Kelsey will also be here February 19th offering her newest workshop,

Earth Journey 2022:

Embark on Journey through the Earth. Kelsey will provide inspirations and tools to ground your energy into this year. Experience the effects of grounding the energy body--enhancing your abilities to be clear, slow, mindful, peaceful, and joyous! We will move through guided visualizations, gentle grounding movements, centering techniques, share circle, and integrative sound journey. This is an all-encompassing workshop journey to provide grounding practices for deeper peace.


We have postponed the start date of Jenn's new class--"Building Strength and Balance for Mature Adults."

We will add this class back to the calendar when this Covid wave mellows.



Can I just say that Surya is SPECIAL?

We are a community that truly


And we do this by connecting to our Light and then shining it back out into the world.

In the last quarter of 2021,

we collected gently used coats, mittens, gloves, and scarves, new socks and hats, new hygiene products, and monetary donations for UMOM family shelter. In this newsletter you will see a picture of our collection,

which I will drop off this week.

I am so inspired by all of the Love and generosity that came forward.

For the first quarter of 2022, along with our New Vision Center Partner, we will be supporting Kitchen on the Street, a non-profit organization that helps Arizona children who are experiencing food insecurity. If you are coming to Sunday for the Soul classes or if you feel called to contribute at other classes, please consider bringing a few extra dollars to add to our collection OR bring individually portioned non-perishable food items that can be used for children's lunches at school.

Surya means Sun in Sanskrit.

Thank you for shining the Light of the Sun in our community.

I look forward to seeing you in classes and workshops. Please remember that if you need online classes, our

On-Demand Library is always available to you. Whether you are practicing at home or you are on vacation, all of your Surya teachers and all of your favorite classes are archived in our library.

The link to our library is here:

Our current retail sales are:

10% off Clothing

20% off Savasana Eye Pillows

Is there a product you saw in the boutique at one time and would like to order? We may be able to make that happen! Please let us know!

"Pausing to be Present with the Life Energy coursing through your body is living poetry. It feels like Life is Breathing You, and the whole thing is a Poem.

You know that you are blessed and you see yourself everywhere."

-Jennifer Williamson

"Time is relative; its only worth depends upon what we do as it is passing."

-Albert Einstein

With Love and Light,


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